Purim just around the corner-February 28 and March 1

The holiday of Purim falls this year on Wednesday night, February 28 , with the reading of the Megillah-Scroll of Esther.

A tradition at Shalom House Fine Judaica during this time of year is not only to purchase items such as books, stickers, games and graggers for Mishloach Manot to give to family and friends, but to stop by to taste David's famous Hamantashen. 

Hamantashen are filled-pocket cookies in a triangular shape,  associated with the holiday.
The holiday of Purim is a time for giving tzedakah to the needy, feasting, celebrating in costume and having parties.

We carry books for the kids, collectable graggers and toy graggers, megillot, mishloach manot bags to put goodies in to give to family and friends, stickers and masks!

Remember to make it a tradition to stop by Shalom House Fine Judaica on Thursday March 1 for  sweet and   delicious hamantashen made by David!

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