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Torah Pointers and Challah Knives with character

Torah Pointers and Challah Knives with character

Every household has a handful of very recognizable objects. The objects that you grew up looking at, not thinking anything in particular, but just imprinting them into your mind, represent home. 

Often times these objects that remind us of home, the ones that become so dear to our hearts over time tend to seem insignificant at first. You may have never noticed until you got older that the textile your family used on Shabbat to cover the challah resembles the same one of another Jewish family across the globe. These objects not only tell stories that remind us of our own homes but show us that our homes are interwoven by our culture. 

Just like a house becomes a home through the small objects that make it its own, so too does our Judaism.

Objects are significant to our Jewish faith. To hold a tangible object in our hands, helps us understand the history of our people. The strife we have experienced and what we have to show for all the places we have been and are going to. These objects reflect the interwoven experiences of our people.

 We'd like to dedicate today's post to two such items, very recognizable to our faith and highly useful - The Torah Pointer or and Challah Knives. Seemingly two items you wouldn't see much connection between, but in fact, they both have a very warm place in our hearts. 

The Torah Pointer/Yad is a very useful item to anyone who practices their Kriaa - reading in the torah. In fact, it is prohibited by Jewish law to directly touch the Torah, so a Torah Pointer/Yad is necessary for a reader to practice respectfully and with ease.  People who dedicate their time to studying the Torah, practice to perfect their pronunciation and Torah trope, a specific tune that is used only when reading Torah. Reading the Torah properly, with all possible accuracy, requires much concentration. So much so that you need a guiding finger, to lead you along and help you make sure you're reading the correct line. That's where the Torah Pointer/Yad comes in. 

We have a full category of Torah Pointers right here, and wanted to share a few of our favorites with you:

  • The Unique Wood Yad Tzfat is a hand crafted piece of art. They're made in Israel and no two are alike. This beautiful Torah Pointer makes a unique gift to anyone interested in reading the Torah.
  • The Inbal Torah Pointer Sterling Silver is a classically designed item, quiet and so powerful it magnets the reader's eyes to the correct spot on the page.

Another favorite object of ours is the Challah knife. Many wonder why we need a decorative knife to cut challah. Why not use an ordinary knife? The short answer is Shabbat. Shabbat is our special day of the week where we greet the Sabbath bride, to rejoice that our week of work has come to an end, so we can rest before welcoming in the new week. To honor Shabbat and maintain its holiness we elevate our tables. For Shabbat we have our special tablecloth, our special candle holders, as well as our special wine cup, to transform our everyday table into one that bolsters the feeling of Shabbat our one special day of the week where we sit back, relax and rejoice in each other’s company. The challah knife is a part of that set - right up there with the challah itself, no ordinary weekday bread, the atmosphere creators of Shabbat. Pulling the challah knife from the drawer, you just know it's a special day.

Growing up, many of us knew the simple challah knives, with that classic wooden handle and a metal cutter. But today, it's a whole new world! Challah knives have taken a huge leap forward and they come in all shapes and sizes.

It's an absolute pleasure to review the full category of Challah Knives when choosing a gift or getting yourself a new carving buddy, but you know us, we love showing you around and being helpful:

Shopping for a young couple, an anniversary or for yourself? Have a look at the Modern Challah Knife and Salt Container. This one of a kind design makes it a great gift for anyone with a keen eye for aesthetics.

Looking for quiet simplicity? You'll love the Black Orchid Challah Knife, with the detailed handle. Last but not least, the Tree of Life Challah Knife. As if taken from a fairytale, this magical item adds a touch of character to the shabbat table.

We know choosing from such a lovely selection can be a bit confusing, but we trust you'll fill your home, and that of your loved ones, with beautiful Judaica items to be used for years to come, in good health!

Shabbat shalom. 


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