One of the strongest verses we carry with us, is our famous Shema Israel. We lovingly say it twice a day during our morning and evening prayers and it is the last thing we are to say before falling asleep so it escorts us subconsciously into our dreams. Shema Israel is the full circle of prayer, being one of the first verses we teach our children at a young age and the most commonly used phrase for when we’re looking for G-D’s assistance in our daily lives. We post it on our Mezuzah and wear it in our jewelry, as a reminder for the divine protection that surrounds us at all times. This beautiful collection of Shema items, holds something for everyone. Starting with a unique silver Circular Shema Necklace, that emanates mystical spirituality with its spiralized letters, through Shema Sterling Silver Bangles which are the perfect gift to compliment that elegant minimalist look. Carry the meaningful pasuk with you on a cuff or wear it as an amulet, a great present for yourself, for family and friends.