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Candle Holders

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.(Exodus 20:7, the 4th commandment)

Welcome the sabbath with the elegance and eloquence of a pair of Shalom House Shabbat candle holders. Whether you choose leaves of gold and bronze, hand crafted to enhance the flicker of the candle flames, or “loving”, delicately interwoven metal and glass holders embracing a heart, our candlesticks let you give your own personal expression to your reverence for the holy day. Originating in Talmudic times, throughout the centuries Jewish women have been lighting Shabbat candles on Fridays at sunset to mark the beginning of the sabbath, a time of rest and family. It is customary to light two candles to remind us of the twin mitzvah’s of “remembering” and “keeping” the sabbath, and some say, to signify the partnership of marriage. We invite you to uphold this age-old and heart warming tradition with candlesticks from our timeless collection.

Black Orchid Candle Holders
Sku: black-orchid-candle-holders
Botanical Lea Candle Holder
Sku: botanical-lea-candle-holder
Sku: prod-15213
By: Dabbah
Candlesticks - "Fuji" Leaves Brass in Purple
Sku: candlesticks-fuji-leaves-brass-in-purple-by-orit-grader
Candlesticks - Wedding Heart and Glass - YKWSC
Sku: candlesticks-wedding-heart-and-glass-ykwsc-by-gary-rosenthal
Candlesticks Blue Triangles
Sku: candlesticks-blue-triangles-by-gary-rosenthal
Candlesticks Large SC3L
Sku: candlesticks-large-sc3l-by-gary-rosenthal
Molten Candleholders
Sku: molten-candleholders
Prayer Collection Shabbat Candle Holders
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-candle-holders-by-joy-stember-rosh-hashana
Prayer Collection Shabbat Set
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-set-by-joy-stember
Prayer Collection Shabbat Set with Tray
Sku: prayer-collection-shabbat-set-with-tray-by-joy-stember
Small Shabbat Candle Holders - Pebble Texture
Sku: small-shabbat-candle-holders-pebble-texture-by-joy-stember
Small Shabbat Candle Holders - Stone Texture
Sku: small-shabbat-candle-holders-stone-texture-by-joy-stember
Tall Tapered Candle Holders
Sku: tall-tapered-candle-holders-by-joy-stember-rosh-hashana