We know it as our Kippah, Yarmulke or Koppel, our traditional headcover is our dome. We choose to cover our heads as a sign; our Kippah tells the world that we proudly belong to the Jewish people before we even open our mouths. As the people of good humor and Chutzpah, we like to have fun, Kippahs included. We choose different colors, materials and prints, all to reflect who we are and where we belong. Whether our Kippah shows our university’s name or our favorite basketball team, it’s still fulfilling its cause, so why not own a full set of 7 Kippahs, for every day of the week? Go for an Elegant Blue and Silver Star Kippah for Shabbat and your dressy events. Liven it up during the week with a Chicago Bulls Kippah or a Luxurious Velvet Isfahan Style Kippah. Our wide selection of head coverings are full or elegant and fun options for you to choose from for yourself or your loved ones.