Judaica Bracelets

As a part of the chosen people, we have a great responsibility on our shoulders - being the intelligent, outgoing people that we are, we are most recognized with our Hutzpah and a wonderful sense of humor. What better way to stand out than with a unique judaica bracelet? A tzitzit bracelet will remind you of our daily honor of wearing the king’s clothes and will have everyone asking about such a unique piece. You can also choose from a wide variety of engraved silver bracelets, or you can even customize one for yourself or your loved ones as a group family present. Just imagine all your family members wearing a specially engraved silver bracelet, and passing it on to the next generation. An amulets bracelet with your favorite pasuk can hang from your wrist on a lucky red leather string, keeping you safe from harm and surrounding you in restoring and healing energies. This wonderful selection of judaica bracelets holds many surprises for you to enjoy.

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Hamsa Bracelet
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This Too Shall Pass Cuff by MarLa
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This Too Shall Pass Sterling Silver Cuf
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