Wedding Goblets

Mazal Tov! Time to choose a goblet for the wedding. You've come to the right place; this Wedding Goblets category has everything you need - from classic goblets that will fill your heart with memories of Zeide, to modern upbeat ones your Zeide never thought possible.

Browse through this gorgeous category to choose the goblet that will hold your first sip as a married person, and to stay with you for years to come. If the wedding goblet could tell a story, it would be the story of your life together as a couple, as it started with that first sip under the Chuppah. L'Chaim!

Price: $95 - $1500

Pomegranate Celebration Cup
Sku: pomegranate-celebration-cup
Black Orchid Kiddush Cup
Sku: michael-aram-black-orchid-celebration-cup
Botanical Leaf Celebration Cup
Sku: botanical-leaf-celebration-cup-1
Madein Israel
Elegant Tall Goblet
Sku: prod-3679
By: Netafim
Kiddush Cup with Saucer - Blue
Sku: kiddush-cup-with-saucer-blue-by-quest
By: Quest
Lapis Sterling Silver Wedding Goblet
Sku: lapis-sterling-silver-wedding-goblet-by-dabbah
The product is currently sold out
By: Dabbah
Miriam Cup Blue and Silver by Quest Collection
Sku: miriam-cup-blue-and-silver-by-quest-collection
By: Quest
Madein USA
Miriam Cup KDC03E
Sku: miriam-cup-kdc03e-by-quest
By: Quest
Round Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li Kiddush Cup
Sku: round-ani-ldodi-vdodi-li-kiddush-cup-by-joy-stember
Shardz Kiddush Cup - Wedding Wedding
Sku: shardz-kiddush-cup-wedding-wedding-by-shardz
By: Shardz
Sterling Silver Chuppah Wedding Goblet
Sku: sterling-silver-chuppah-wedding-goblet-by-bier
By: Bier
Tree of Life Celebration Cup
Sku: tree-of-life-celebration-cup
Tree of Life Kiddush Cup
Sku: tree-of-life-kiddush-cup-by-nambe
By: Nambe
White Orchid Celebration Cup
Sku: white-orchid-celebration-cup