Challah Knives

The moment has come. You’ve finished the Friday Night Kiddush and have uncovered the loaves of Challah bread atop a sleek bamboo tray. The anticipation is building… You make the “Motzie” and grab your specially crafted and meticulously honed Olive Branch Challah Knife. Then it happens – release! You put down the knife and tear the Challah into small pieces. In your excitement, you inadvertently throw a piece of Challah at your son and it plops into his glass of water. Your wife erupts in laughter, which quickly infects the rest of the table, kicking off another wonderful Shabbat of family, rest, prayer and, of course, fun.
While tearing may be more therapeutic, you’ll still need a good challah knife, after the ripping episode is over. For this, you can choose one of our top quality, beautifully designed knives. In no time, you’ll be rushing through the tearing, just so you can start cutting. Enjoy!

Price: $25 - $400

Black Orchid Challah Knife
Sku: black-orchid-challah-knife
Madein Israel
Ocean Blue Challah Knife
Sku: prod-obck
Pomegranate Bread Knife
Sku: pomegranate-bread-knife
Madein Israel
Wheat Challah Knife
Sku: prod-10554
White Orchid Bread Knife
Sku: white-orchid-bread-knife