What’s our connection to the word “Chai”? Why does it mean so much to us? Why do we choose to carry it close to our hearts on necklaces and pendants? As with various theological questions, many answers apply; some say that it is the basic meaning, To be Alive, directly connected to the Pasuk - וחי ביניהם - G-D lives among them. This strong meaning is emanated in the Geometria of the letters, which adds up to 18. When we give to charity, when we buy a reading or a prayer at the synagogue, we use eighteen and its strong multiples, thus referring to the meaningful word - Chai. Wearing a unique Chai piece of Judaica jewelry can also protect us from Aiyn Ha’ra - the Evil Eye. Each one of Our carefully chosen Chai necklaces and pendants, hold these deep mystical traits while being fashionable and keeping your style upbeat. Show the world you’re a part of this strong ancient tribe by wearing a 14kt Chai pendant, or get a diamond studded necklace as a gift for your loved ones.