Shabbat Candles

Candles are often a great source of comfort and entertainment for us. These beautiful sticks of luminescence, provide very little by means of light, when compared to our standard ceiling lamps. However, they make us feel safe and protected, as we gaze deep into their blue flames, right after lighting our Shabbat, Hanukkah, Yahrzeit or Havdalah candles.

When done right, candles are beautiful to look at and can last for years, sometimes so much so that we regret ever using them for their original purpose.

A real authentic candle is traditionally made of the finest materials, using secrets passed down from parent to child. Created for the sole purpose of allowing us to enjoy its looks while observing one of the many Mitzvahs related with lighting candles.

This fine collection of Judaica Candles holds a variety of carefully chosen items for many purposes. From beautiful Havdalah candles to make you give Shabbat a proper send off every week, to a Shabbat Candles travel kit, this collection can be enjoyed by people of all ages.