Passover is a joyous holiday we celebrate in the Springtime. We remember our Exodus from Egypt and retell the story during the Seder each year.

We know there’s so much to do before Passover, from cleaning, to cooking through shopping. We are here to help you find all the items you need to have a meaningful Seder. We have so many different Haggadot to choose from which help tell the story of our Exodus. Make sure to pick the right one for you! 

We also have a unique selection of Seder Plates, Matza Plates, Elijah and Miriam Cups, Charoset, Salt Water and Horseradish dishes, Hand washing cups and so much more! Games, Puzzles, Plagues, Finger Puppets, Books for the little ones. 

You name it, we will help make sure your Passover checklist is crossed off 

after visiting us here at Shalom House Fine Judaica.

We prepared this Passover category in order to help with the best part of the holiday — this category contains wonderful gifts for all ages and everything you need to make your Seder table unique and beautiful.