Toys & Games

Getting the younger children to enjoy the seder is sometimes a bit of a challenge. We know sitting next to a table for long periods of time wouldn't be their first choice, especially as it gets late in the evening, going past their bedtime, and the seder is still going strong. Our people's traditions can be a lot of fun for people of all ages, and when passed on brightly, kids may really enjoy them, and even be the stars of the seder. This fun category of toys and games for pessach, has everything you need to get the children, at age and at heart, looking forward to the seder. Set up a show, where they are the stars enacting a part of the story. You know they'll love having everyone looking at them. Get plastic frogs or other accessories to surprise the kids with, and add along a fun assignment to connect with the haggadah.  Once the younger generation is having fun, we can all sit back and have a chag sameach!