Kabbalah & Blessings

Rooted in the ancient texts of the Zohar (the spiritual book written in Aramaic by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), Kabbalah embodies the mystical and cryptic side of Judaism. A fundamental aspect of the Kabballah is the view that symbols and letter combinations from the bible represent the hidden aspect of God. At Shalom House we are happy to offer our patrons many of these motifs, as well as other blessings from Jewish lore and prayers, inscribed on impeccably crafted amulets, pendants, necklaces and more.
When studying the Kabbalah, scholars progress along the “Sephirot” (enumerations) of the Tree of Life, moving from the material world to the divine, uncovering layer after layer of the fascinating and mystifying body of Kabbalistic knowledge. Whether embarking on a Kabbalistic journey of your own or simply “interested’ in a mystical piece of jewelry, we have the perfect item for you.  

Price: $35 - $2430

Baby Amulet for Protection and Health
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