Wheel of Names Pendant

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The Wheel of Names is a spiritual and powerful tool, a key to Kabbalah for abundance of luck and blessing, perfection and happiness.

This beautiful silver and gold and energy-filled pendant with 72 sacred names engraved on it and cat's eye in the middle to keep safe. On the first Saturday night of Rosh Chodesh, a time when the moon begins to fill and a time when the energy increases.

With the help of the Names, the wisdom of acceptance brings us a way of communicating with the physical and spiritual world - a way and a miraculous power to change all areas of our lives where we feel the need for change, strengthening, protection and breakthrough.

If we take the explicit name, we break it down into factors and connect its geometry numbers, we get the number 72.

Y (10), Yeh (15), Yeh (21), YH (26)

10 + 15 + 21 + 26 = 72 which are the 72 names of the Creator

The names of the Scriptures
consist of three verses of several names, chapter fourteen, the story of the tearing of the Red Sea. Here are three verses in sequence, each with 72 letters.

Made in Israel

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