Home Life

For us, the center of our Jewish tradition is our home. Home-Life is integral to carrying on our Jewish traditions. It is where we spend time with our family teaching and celebrating not only the holidays and Shabbat but also where we share our customs and traditions with our children. We hope that the traditions we share at home will be carried on from generation to generation. 

This central place of tradition now has a category of its own, here at Shalom House. This versatile category holds all your Jewish home life needs. From books for all ages, art and home decorations to Tzedakah boxes and embroidered hats. All waiting for you to browse through and find the answers to your specific Judaica needs. Whether it’s a gift for someone you love or replenishing your own home, we gathered everything into one convenient category. 

What is the Hamsa and how did it become a Judaica symbol?

The Hamsa is a well known ancient symbol used as a sign of protection against evil eye. The word Hamsa, meaning five in Arabic, refers to the five fingers of the right hand, defending us from powers of the unknown.

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet. It’s popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa and is commonly used in jewelry and wall hanging. After the first and second temples were destroyed, in the ancient land of Cnaan, many Hebrew tribes went to live in north Africa. They stayed there for almost two thousand years, contributing to and picking up many of the local customs. The Hamsa has become a beautiful Judaica symbol of protection thanks to those north african Jewish communities.

Combined with the blue eye symbol in its middle, the Hamsa has become an authentic jewish icon we love to wear and hang around the house. Many people choose to decorate their homes with this symbol of protection and love, whether it’s a modern colorful design or an elegant sign of sophistication, a Hamsa makes a great gift for yourselves and your loved ones. 

What’s the point of having a Tzedakah box?

From a very early age, we are taught that one of the most basic principles of our kind faith, is to notice the needs of other people. To lend a hand in support, to give in secret and not to expect a return or even acknowledgement. A Tzedakah box is the direct manifestation of these altruistic values. 

The important mitzvah of Tzedakah is the kind no one has any doubts about. All religions have their way of giving to others, and in our faith, as proud jews, we are raised to always be aware of the needs of others, especially when we are blessed with good fortune. We look around us, not to see what we can take, but what can we give.

A tzedakah box is a common sight in jewish households, where we put a few coins down the box’s slot right before lighting the Shabbat candles. A tzedakah box can be found in any business, school and store. It serves two purposes; one is to actually collect money for Tzedakah and the other is to remind us that we should share our good fortune with those in need.

While kids are easily drawn to this valuable mitzvah, fun Tzedakah boxes like this All Star design are a great way of making them even more excited about it.

Elegant designs like this Dabbah colored Tzedakah box make great house or business warming presents.

Why do we place Mezuzahs on our doorposts?

Putting up a Mezuzah on our doorpost is a declaration. We place a symbol for all to see - the people living in this house are proud jews!

Mezuzahs are to be hung in the entrance to every living space, based on the biblical instructions, given to us when we left the ancient land of Egypt.

The Mezuzah is a sign of divine protection, thanks to its contents. Within the tube, we place the parchment, the Klaf, which is made to hold the holy scripture, those special pesukim meant to exist in every jewish home.

Since Mezuzahs have been a part of our home for as long as we remember ourselves, we have turned them into a fun judaica design element, affording the room a kick of color with a touch of tradition. Mezuzahs come in all shapes and sizes, and can be fitted to the space where they will be hung.

This joyful Business Mezuzah is a great addition to any den or store entrance, sure to get a few Mezuzah kissers smiling.

This elegant Cherry mezuzah makes a great housewarming gift as it fits many different spaces.

What’s the most common Home Blessing?

The most common Home Blessing is by far the one wishing that the home or business will see no sorrow or ailment - BeZe Habait… We often see those Home blessings around and sometimes forget to appreciate their meaning in our lives.

We can never have too many blessings. We choose to surround ourselves in good wishes and that’s a strong statement. We thank the creator for our food and drink, we say Mode Ani to show appreciation for the not so simple fact that we woke up this morning for another day of life on this planet. And to complete our circle of wishes, blessings and gratitude, we decorate our homes and places of business with kind words directing us in righteous paths. Home blessings, and also business blessings, are a wonderful way of giving yourself or someone you love the warmest possible send off. A home or business blessing is like a kind and true hug that just stays around the recipient, wrapping them with love and reminding them of your affectionate wishes.

Many different styles of Home Blessings are available for you to choose from. Whether it’s a stainless steel floating letters elegant design or a golden platter with heartfelt sentiments inscribed, home blessings are a timeless classic for all to enjoy.

What can I get for a child?

We’re happy you asked! Here at Shalom House we offer a wide variety of great gifts for children which are not only fun and beautiful, but are also great for instilling jewish values. We strongly believe that children should be encouraged to embrace the jewish faith through their own playful eyes. We all know that the world through the gaze of a young person is often divided according to the attitude of their parents. What we say at home will be repeated and rehearsed. So we inspire parents and caregivers to adopt a cheerful attitude when it comes to teaching children about our faith and customs.

Our wide variety of judaica products for children reflects that perspective. Some of our most popular items for children are colorful Mezuzahs such as the Baseball mezuzah, fun books about the holidays and inspirational wall hangings in bright colors. There are many more great products for children to choose from in our Home Life category.

What can I get for a person that has everything?

You have come to the right place! We know holiday meals and birthday parties can be a source of stress, since you never want to show up empty handed. We have gathered a great selection of gift ideas for you to choose from! We often get that question, since Baruch Hashem, we live in a day and age where we have everything we need. But we still want to make our loved ones happy.

We encourage you to browse through our Home Life category. It holds many unique items which can make anyone smile and appreciate the great present, even that person close to you who always tells you to not bring them a single thing. It’s time for your auntie to clear some space on the shelf, this holiday you’re bringing a really gorgeous piece of the judaica!