Happy Purim!

It's time for the most colorful holiday of the year - Purim!

Celebrate the ancient miracle that saved the Jews from their persecutors with fun costumes, masks, graggers, and decorations, all available in this versatile category.

People of all ages enjoy Purim since it contains so many fun activities - dress-ups, a feast, a loud and joyous reading of the ancient story, and of course - Mishloach Manot, where we give ready-to-eat food to friends and also to those in need.

So find your favorite items in this festive category and have a Chag Sameach! 

Madein USA
Hamsa Blessing Mug
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Madein USA
In This Jewish Home Mug
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Madein Israel
Plethora of Hamsas
Sku: prod-p62
Madein Israel
Sunflower Planter
Sku: prod-p65
The Year of the Jewish Holidays - Holiday Books
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Madein USA
We Got The Rabbi Plate
Sku: prod-2080mm