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Here at Shalom House, we handpick our unique Judaica products for you to enjoy. Each of the luxurious items you see on our site comes with a story, deep with meaning, from the realms of our Jewish heritage and time-old tradition.

This section holds our blog posts, where we share with you, our trusted followers, the narratives behind our versatile categories of exclusive Judaica items. Read the posts below to learn more about how our products relate to and can enhance your everyday Judaica experiences.

Did you ever wonder why we care so much for Shabbat?

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

There's a children's song in Hebrew, we believe the whole world should know, or at least the whole Jewish world - it addresses the important topic of "Who loves the Shabbat". After reviewing a number of family members like Imma and Abba, and announcing that they are amongst those who love the Shabbat, the wise song eventually draws to the inevitable conclusion that Everyone loves the Shabbat!

Prepare your home and heart for Sukkot

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

What's your favorite memory of Sukkot? Looking back at memories of past High Holidays, we have many good experiences to recall. Our expectations of the coming holiday are often related and built upon those fond memories. Sukkot is a favorite holiday among many, since it's a special time. Family and friends come together, and we don't just sit and eat inside the house! 

Time to get ready for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Chodesh Tov, Happy Elul. Actually, when it comes to this special month of Elul, we should probably greet each other with a more introspective blessing, such as - Have a reflective month, but somehow, we don't see that catching on, so have a good and healthy Elul! . 

Your kindness goes a long way

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Remember that time you moved? Maybe even those several times? Moving can be quite a hassle. The end result of having a new place to live in, with an endless supply of potential adventures and memories, is well worth it, but the process itself is a complicated ordeal.

How are you doing?

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

We live in strange times, don’t we? We hear from our elders that the world used to be a simpler place. Looking back into childhood memories, we can clearly pick up on all the things that change, and it’s easy to see how our parents, looking back, had an entirely different view of the world.

A once in a lifetime Bat and Bar Mitzvah!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

When you look up "Bat and Bar Mitzvah" , you get many online results. Explanations, traditions, venues and drasha ideas all come afloat. The first search result tells you that Bat and Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for boys and girls.

While this definition is basically true, it lacks so much of what makes Bat and Bar Mitzvah so special.

Most cultures have their own coming of age rituals, which are also called Rites of Passage. It's interesting to take a moment and step aside, disassociating ourselves with all we know, the sacred beliefs and traditions we grew up into, and look at our lovely Bat and Bar Mitzvah ritual from an anthropological point of view.

Judaica Jewelry – A Celebration of Jewish Heritage

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Jewelry is the most universal means of expressing something special, maybe to indicate belonging to a group or as a symbol of individuality, to pronounce your social status or to enhance your own or someone else’s inner beauty, or, perhaps, simply to show your love for another. And the notion of jewelry is old, truly ancient, predating history itself. Archeological digs in the caves of our prehistoric ancestors tell us of jewels created roughly 100,000 years ago. These first jewels were made of animal bones, stones and wood, and were of a more practical nature, helping “cavemen and women” to secure their clothing or connect pieces of leather. Archeological evidence shows, however, that our predecessors soon began using these trinkets to adorn themselves and as ornaments.

The Joy of Shavuot

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

It's the final countdown! Just like the song says, we countdown to Shavuot!

The Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost as it was used to be called in English, is the holiday at the end of Sefirat HaOmer. Shavuot marks the conclusion of the seven week counting of the Omer, which starts right at the end of Passover. 49 days where the jewish people makes sure to count, mention which day of the count it currently is, at the end of the day, after the evening's prayer.

Why do we countdown from Passover to Shavuot?

Good day, you Wonderful Giver!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

We here at Shalom House, think that the fact that you say 'Good Morning', means you're a good person.

Why? Because it means you wish others well.

Your 'Good Night' holds much meaning, your 'Shabbat Shalom' comes from the bottom of your heart. 

You truly want the person next to you to have a 'Happy Holiday'.

When wishing well to others, both sides benefit - the person wishing, or blessing, is filled with the warmth of a true intention, and the person being blessed, feels touched by the love of another.

Fill up your four cups, it's time for Passover!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

We like to say that we slave to prepare for this holiday and are freed during the Seder, same way as our ancient ancestors were. This holiday beats all others when it comes to planning ahead. Are you entertaining or going to someone else's house for Seder? Have you thought of what to cook? What will you wear? Which room will you clean first and which last? You know how important the order of room cleaning is, since we don't want anyone spreading hametz crumbs all over a room we already declared as chametz free.

They only turn 12 once

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

She's such a great girl, isn't she? He's such a good boy, I know.

Soon you won't be able to refer to them as kids anymore, it's time for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah!

You remember the day they were born, you might even recall their parents as kids, and now these kinderlach are all suited up to join the burden of the Mitzvahs with all the excitement that comes with it.

Several cultures and religions have their own version of Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Tracing these different traditions back, reveals that there's something very special about that age - 12 for girls and 13 for boys. It's the time where kids grow up, leaving behind their time playing with toys on the rug.

Ketbuah – The Ultimate Marriage Vows

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Love is in the air, the groom is just “a bit” nervous, the bride is pensive, and the parents on both sides are beaming. The ceremony begins, emotions are high, and everyone is waiting for those unforgettable moments – the ring, lifting of the bride’s veil so she may sip of the wine and, of course, the dramatic breaking of the glass, marking the end of the nuptials and the beginning of a new life, together. But then, in the middle of the Huppah (the name of the traditional Jewish wedding canopy and also used to refer to the ceremony itself), the Rabbi unfurls the Ketubah and reads through it as if nothing else matters.

Wall art for Soul Art

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Why do we decorate our homes? Why do we diligently go from store to store, wearing out our heels, in search of decorative items to place on our walls?

Many of us don’t even spend much time in our home, but still, we put much thought into what our private space will look like, because it changes the way we feel.

They way we feel when we’re at home, and the way we feel about our home are strongly affected by the experiences we have while there, at home. We all want to feel safe at our homes, so we have our locked doors and gates.

What you might not know about our favorite day of the week

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

As one of Judaism’s central themes and considered holier than all other days of the week or year, save for Yom Kippur, much and more has been said about Shabbat. From the Torah providing two distinct reasons to keep the Shabbat (mentioned later on) and Shabbat being mentioned numerous times throughout the sacred texts, to the formation of countless Shabbat related symbols and artifacts and onto fervent scholarly and political debate spanning the ages (an entire tractate of the Talmud is dedicated to Shabbat).  Up to this very day, there are few topics in Judaism that have captured our collective consciousness more than the last day of the week.

Celebrating God’s Greatest Gift. Honoring Life with Symbols of Jewish Heritage.

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Life. Perhaps more than any other religion, life sits at the heart of Judaism, valued above all. In fact, Chazal (the Jewish Sages) state that safeguarding life comes before any other mitzvah, basing this (amongst others) on Leviticus 18:5: “Ye shall therefore keep My statutes, and Mine ordinances, which if a man do, he shall live by them: I am the LORD.” Naturally, it follows that the Jewish faith offers an abundance of lifecycle events to celebrate our existence, as well as opportunities to mark life’s non-religious moments in a Jewish fashion. 

It’s that time of year! Can you feel it?

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Hanukkah is right around the corner and the excitement is starting to bubble up to the surface.

The traditional story of Hanukkah is a truly inspiring one; Filled with bravery, tragedies and miracles, it proudly teaches us that we should always trust Hashem. From the Hanukkah story, we learn that when we put our faith in the creator, good things happen. Good things like awesome Hanukkah parties and being saved from vengeful enemies. If our tradition teaches us one thing, it’s that united together we are strong. 

The Ketubah, Much More than a Contract

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

The Ketubah, the ancient Jewish “marriage contract” that, in a sense, formalizes the bond between man and wife, has and continues to be a central part of any Jewish wedding. Historically and traditionally, the Ketubah is a binding legal document that records a groom’s obligations to his bride, including in the case of his death or divorce. Today, more liberal Jewish thinking opts to move away from the traditional texts, preferring Ketubot (plural of Ketubah) that are even handed towards both the groom and the bride and are based in the view of marriage as a pact of love and partnership, not a legal instrument.

It’s a great Mitzvah to have a stylish home!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Why not enjoy life? Why not turn lemons into delicious lemon cake? We’re a happy people, we’re known for our good humor, so let’s prove to ourselves and to the world that our traditions and mitzvahs are a great piece of lemon cake to enjoy!

What are we going on about? About mezuzahs, of course!

You’re probably wondering what’s the connection between lemons and mezuzahs, so here it is:  We were given this great Mitzvah, of posting Mezuzahs in our homes and offices.

Jewish Art – עולם ומלואו (Olam Umluo’o)

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Jewish Art”? Marc Chagall, Yaacov Agam or Moritz Oppenheim? There is a good chance you have heard of these famous Jewish Artists. It is less likely, however, that you have heard of Moses Ezekiel and Audrey Flack, and did you know that Amadeo Modigliani, Camille Pissarro and Mark Rothko were all Jewish? You might think of the world famous Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, which takes its name from the first recognized Jewish Artist, the Biblical Bezalel. Perhaps your mind’s eye sees a beautifully decorated Passover plate or Shabbat candle holders, or maybe a simple kabalistic talisman, such as the “Hamsa ” that you wear around your neck? The true beauty of Jewish art is that it’s all of these and much more.

Sukkot in Style

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Isn’t Sukkot the best holiday ever? Well, it’s right up there with Passover, Rosh HaShana, Purim and Shavuot! Okay, all holidays are awesome, but Sukkot is special. It’s connected with unique memories and smells of grass, outdoors and visiting the neighboring Sukkas.

This is a holiday where we choose to leave our homes, we agree to move out of our air conditioned comfort zones and live outside, under the skies. There might be some bugs involved, there’s often a cat around, and yet, we mount a table in the Sukkah and sing our holiday songs for all to hear. 

Add Style to your Home with Judaica Wall Art

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

When we think of decorating our homes, many thoughts and feelings come to mind. For some of us it’s a task, to be avoided and perhaps to be done with so that empty box next to the item list could finally be checked with a shiny V. But for the rest of us, the creative lot, the ones who lie awake at night contemplating on the right shade of peach to go with the throw rug, for those who are probably reading this article right now, home decor is a way of life. Those are the people who get excited when they see an empty wall, the ones who get a phone call when a friend needs an idea for a new living room look.

Past, Present and Future of Home Life

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

What does it take to make a home? Is there a simple recipe to creating that safe space we all think about when the word Home comes to mind? Where can we find the secret formula for building the perfect home life?

We all carry those nostalgic memories with us, of the place we grew up in. memories of a happy childhood, with our siblings, cousins and close friends. Flashes of smiles, games and adventures. Many of which are reconstructed from yellowing photos aided by memory. More than a few of our early memories of our home life are related to food. Holidays and shabbat meals are the perfect setting to create those home life memories which last a lifetime in our minds. We have those vivid recollections of the family sitting together, eating and conversing. Sometimes we can even remember the pattern on the plate and the smell of the food.

Plan yourself a memorable holiday season!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Another year has come and gone, can you believe it? Time flies as we live our lives, raising families, gathering experiences and earning more smile wrinkles.

The high holidays are right around the corner and this is just the time to stand still and smell the crisp night air. If we pay close attention, we might be able to notice exactly when it happens, that moment when summer starts to fade out in order to make room for autumn. When the weather gets cooler and looking at pomegranate trees, we start to see that majestic fruits in bloom.

Talit, Tzitzit, Tefillin – The Winding Path from Mitzvah to Maaseh (deeds)

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

“TTT”, the name of a DJ or hip-hop song? Well, if you consider Shacharit (morning prayers) to be a form of Jewish rap, then it is in a way. TTT stands for “talit, tzizit, tefillin” representing the Triple Crown of Judaism's daily rituals. You are probably familiar with these items, their purpose and, perhaps, their biblical origins, however, you might be wondering how we went from the biblical references of “signs” and “frontlets” to big black boxes and from “tchelet” (light blue) to ornate prayer shawls, and what about those strange undergarments with strings hanging from their corners? In the following 2 part blog post we attempt to shed some light on these questions and more.

Candles that Light Our Soul

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Since the beginning of time, man craved fire. We’re told fire was accidentally discovered at first, and quickly utilized for light, warmth and even cooking as time moved along.

Our holy Torah tells us many stories about fire. Moses heard the Lord’s voice coming from the Burning Bush, an unquenchable source of fire. We know the stories of the Vigilant Light with its ever bright flames, illuminating the halls of our holy temple, Ben HeMikdash, used to make sacrifices to thank Hashem.

Breaking a glass under the Chuppah

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Breaking a cup in a marriage ceremony was originally cited in the Talmud, and the reason given is that we should limit our joy and laughter in this world, presumably until Messiah comes.

Nevertheless, the Talmud attaches importance to the cup’s shape and value.  The Talmud describes breaking very valuable glass cups, which is not commonly done nowadays.  Nevertheless, breaking a very expensive cup is liable to be a little depressing! 

Make Your Ketubah as Unique as Your Wedding!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Is your wedding day coming up? Is one of your children getting married soon? Is a close friend to be wed? If you answered ‘KEN!’ to either of these questions, congratulations!

With a close wedding coming up, you can probably feel that rush of excitement coursing through your veins.