Hanukkah marks the Festival of Lights!

Hanukkah marks the Festival of Lights!

What a wonderful holiday to celebrate during this unprecedented time.  Bringing light and hope into the world.

This is a special holiday to celebrate at home with the family.  Lighting your Hanukkiah- Hanukkah Menorah and placing it in the window for all to see not only brings light into your home but puts light out into the world!

This year has been a difficult time for all of us but looking at the positive sure helps us to get through this and become stronger.  See all the wonderful things that came from the unexpected halt. It's great to hear families describe their renewed sense of togetherness, being creative, learning how to work, take school classes online, and live with each other seeing how much can be accomplished in a difficult situation.

Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem.  Like Hanukkah, we had to learn how to rededicate ourselves to our family, friends, and learn how to enjoy the simpler things in life while becoming more creative.

Many of us rediscovered our love of creation through growing flowers, herbs and plants while marveling at the beauty of creation. For us, even a growing flower can symbolize divine care, making it easier to get through this year's challenges.

In addition, many of us learned how to bake Challah for the first time or became better Challah bakers to make our Shabbat and Holidays that much more special. 

While shops, workplaces and schools took a break from operating, one thing never stopped - Time. Our clocks kept ticking, days passed on, keeping us hopeful and expectant for the next good thing to come, like the holidays. We celebrated a familiar and intimate Pesach and Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and even Sukkot during this outbreak!  We missed our loved ones, both family and friends.  The holidays did feel very different with less family members grouping together and virtual synagogue services not being able to attend in person.  We continued to share family recipes for challah baking and holiday dishes to remind us that these special foods would help to keep a smile on our faces and memories alive of celebrating holidays together.

All of this was very different but must remind us that "Gam Zeh Yavor-This too shall pass". 

As the world around us prepares for a set of holidays a little different this year, we are getting ready to celebrate Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights.

The rules around meeting and gathering are different from location to location, and many people plan to celebrate the upcoming holidays in a safe way. We remind you to be mindful of you and your loved ones health while choosing your fun way to celebrate.

Whether you're going to a Hanukkah party virtually, lighting the candles with family from near and far online, or sending wishes to those you miss,  we thought you'd like a few gift options we've gathered, that could make anyone welcome the holiday season with a smile.

Having a fun wooden board delivered to a friend's house, along with a lovely note, could really make their Hanukkah joyful.

If you're hosting an intimate family gathering or invited to one, consider picking up the O Washing Cup and Vase. It's a unique item guaranteed to shift the conversation from germs to geometric design.

Another great option for anyone who likes a beautifully set table, is the Israeli Flag Table Runner. Colorful, cheerful and spacious, for a table loaded with good food and good vibes.

These and other wonderful items are available for you in the Table Top category.

For the last few weeks, some of us have already been humming Hanukkah tunes.  While we were wondering if it's not a bit too soon, we discovered that Hanukkah is just around the corner.

We are getting ready to light the Hanukkiah-Hanukkah Menorah, bringing light and joy into our world and sending the light out for good health, hope, and love to all.

Hanukkah is a joyful time since it comes with built in festiveness. There are so many songs to sing together as a family while lighting the Hanukkiah. Some families actually whip out their musical instruments at this time and show their talents. Potato Latkes and Sufganiyot-Jelly Donuts are designed to make us happily satisfied with oil and carbs. The kids can take an active part in lighting their own Hanukkiah and in spinning the dreidel while playing games around it.

Hanukkah teaches us that no matter how small you are, you become strong like the Maccabees to triumph over those who want to destroy us.

Here we are, at the end of the year, with hopes in our hearts to end this Pandemic, almost looking at a vaccine in the eye. Congratulate yourself for doing the best that you can during these passing months. What's a better way than to get a little something fun? This Festive Dreidel Tid Bit will make a wonderful serving dish for our traditional Hanukkah foods or even for apple sauce or Hanukkah Gelt.  

This Dreidel will really get your family into the spirit of Hanukkah or is a great gift to send to those you miss. 

Hanukkah's timing is absolutely wonderful. Especially this year, we must bring light and joy to all.  We look at all the other holidays celebrated at the end of year and can see similarities and differences which make the world go around. Hanukkah being celebrated around the same time, helps teach the kids of the fact that we all share the planet but celebrate it slightly differently.

This is a festive time of year, and a wonderful way to wrap it up.

So to get yourself and your loved ones in the right mindset to end such an unprecedented year, we wanted to wish you a very Happy Hanukkah, a wonderful end of 2020, and a healthy, safe and hopeful 2021!

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