Table Top

Welcome to our interestingly versatile collection of unique judaica tabletop ornaments and accessories. This wonderful collection holds various carefully picked items that will make any flat surface blush by the honor of holding such an exclusive item.
Tabletop items can add a touch of style to any space and really change a room’s atmosphere when correctly picked. Choose an intriguing tabletop for an office or your home, and take in mind the colors of the room and also the height of the surface on which your new tabletop will be mounted on.
Look through our wide variety of steel images, beautifully animated figurines and even coasters, all made to make you smile whenever you encounter them.
If you’re looking for a decorative item to also hold a purpose, consider a meaningful tray or perhaps an engraved salt shaker. Do you or someone in your close circle deserve an award for being an awesome person? We think so! This collection holds various styles of trophies which can make great emblems for your family’s award ceremony, be it “Dad of the Year”, “Best Mellon Cutter” or “Haven’t Broken a Plate in a decade”.

Aluminum Salt Shaker
Sku: aluminum-salt-shaker-by-agayof0
By: Agayof
Madein Israel
Colorful Pomegranate Tray
Sku: prod-p12c2
Madein Israel
Home Blessing Stand
Sku: prod-SF1E
Pomegranate Bread Knife
Sku: pomegranate-bread-knife
Madein Israel
Pomegranate Tray
Sku: prod-P12R