During the days when we still had our holy temple in Jerusalem, we visited it during the three special holidays - Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot. Imagine the many people living in ancient Israel, walking across the country to visit their holy house of God.

Sukkot, as one of those special three Harvest holidays, still has a very warm spot in our hearts. Sukkot is a fun holiday for the whole family. We finish Yom Kippur with a smile because we know it’s time to start working on our Sukkah. Building the Sukkah together with our families, we anticipate the seven days during which we will sit in this temporary home. We then take the time to decorate our Sukkah, filling it with Judaica elements, hanging from the leafy roof - schach, and from the walls. During Sukkot, we eat from special dishes, use unique trays and bless on the Seven Species as we welcome our seven guests - ushpizin. This hand picked category of Sukkot Judaica items contains a variety of unique gifts.  Get a few items for your own Sukkah or bring a relevant and heartfelt gift for your hosts as you sit and enjoy the holiday together.