Star of David

What do two simple triangles make? A symbol of hope, tradition and belonging. Our treasured Star of David has been an emblem for us as a people since the first Zionist congress took place in the late 19th century. The Star of David is proudly exhibited in the middle of the flag of Israel, to remind us we are an ancient people, united by our faith in the past and future. Our strong sentiments towards the Star of David can surround us all day long, like our very own personal beacon of hope. Carry your Star of David close to you on a unique piece of judaica jewelry. you can wear it around your neck on an elegant necklace, in gold, silver, bronze of even as colorful as Joseph’s robe. Another favorite option is to dangle your Star of David on a delicate bracelet sp you can hear it gently rattle against your arm and recall your sense of self. Complete the set with Star of David earrings from our wide range of creatively authentic judaica jewelry.

Price: $40 - $1425

Large Pave Star of David Necklace
Sku: large-pave-star-of-david-necklace
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-white-gold-with-diamonds-by-alef-bet
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds, FS
Sku: star-of-david-14k-white-gold-with-diamonds-fs
Star of David, 14k White Gold with Diamonds, Small by Alef Bet
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Star of David, 14k Yellow Gold with Diamonds, FS by Alef Bet
Sku: star-of-david-14k-yellow-gold-with-diamonds-fs-by-alef-bet