Jewelry Hamsa

Our cherished Hamsa, we all know it as an ancient symbol used as a sign of protection against the evil eye. The word Hamsa, meaning five in Arabic, refers to the five fingers of the right hand, defending us from powers of the unknown. Combined with the blue eye symbol in its middle, it has become that authentic jewish icon we love to wear. Put a delicate Hamsa pendant made of sterling silver on any necklace to instantly turn it into a fashion statement that tells a story. This ethnic symbol is as trendy as ever, worn on bracelets and necklaces, made from a variety of materials and styled in every color possible. Choose a modern upbeat design or the original authentic type, go for a gold necklace or a technicolor pendant. Any item in this beautifully versatile category will make a lovely gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Hamsa Bracelet
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