Welcome to the Torah category! In this page you'll find a version of the Sefer Torah for all ages. No better way to feel close to the Torah than by being able to hold it in your hands. With the different versions of a Sefer Torah available in this category, we invite you to start connecting your children, even at a very early age, with a cute Torah plushie. While the grownups are reading, studying and walking around with their heavy scrolls, your kids could start creating their own feeling of familiarity, preparing for later ages.

We've got you covered for those ages as well, with a children's Torah, complete with a Keter Torah velvet cover and wooden handles, so that the kids could get the feeling of unveiling our sacred scriptures. Set time aside for those living room Torah readings, where your young ones will show off their skills at home, just like they'll do in synagogue, just a few years later. A sefer torah is a key to many meaningful experiences, so browse through this category to find the sefer torah for yourself and your loved ones.