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If you're here and reading this, it means that a holiday is coming up, which is always great news.

The Jewish calendar provides us with plenty of opportunities to celebrate with family and friends, to celebrate Shabbat and holidays, and of course to eat.

This Holidays category is made of several sub categories, each dedicated to a different time of year. We welcome you to browse through the different holiday categories and discover the wonderful items we picked out for you, to make your next holiday, even happier!

From us to you, Happy Holiday-Chag Sameach!

What are the main holidays for the jewish people?

In the past, when the holy temple was still standing, Israelites from all over the land would come to pay tribute aroun=587d 3 main holidays - Passover, which is also the first month in the jewish calendar, Shavuot, which is when the first of the crops would ripen and brought forth to the temple, and Sukkot, which marked the end of the agricultural season. Until this day, these are the 3 main holidays for the jewith people, but we do have some fun additions, like Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and Purim.

What is an Etrog?

An Etrog is a fruit which completes a set of 3 fruits we put together to celebrate Sukkot. These 3 fruits, Shloshet HaMinim, symbolize the three types of people among jews and in general. The Etrog is the most industrious type described as it holds both taste and smell, like a person who's both good natured and wise. Looking for a good Etrog and some fun accessories to go along? Browse through the Lulav & Etrog category.

Why is Hanukkah celebrated?

While Hanukkah isn't a holiday that was mentioned in the Torah like the three main holidays, it's still widely popular. Hanukkah commemorates the bravery of the Israelites while facing an enemy who forbade them to practice their faith. It is said that thanks to their courage, we still have our Torah and practices until this day. Hanukkah is the jewish Festival of lights and is loved by people of all ages. The Hanukkah and Dreidel are central elements in this holiday. Learn more and find some fun items in our colorful Hanukkah category.

What's the story around Passover?

Passover is possibly the heaviest of the jewish holidays, as it requires a lot of preparations. Passover revolves around the story of the Israelites being freed from years of slavery, in a miraculous act perfomed by Hashem and led by Moses. The full story is depicted in the Haggadah which is the center of the main ritual of the holiday - the night of the seder. Find the full range of Passover items in the Passover category.

What does the word Shavuot mean?

The word Shavuot means "weeks", since Shavuot, which is also known as pentecost, is celebrated 7 weeks after passover. It is said that in Shavuot we got the Torah from Hashem when Moses came down from mount Sinai, after the Israelites were freed from egypt. It is also an agricultural holiday and it is when, in later years, the first of the year's crops would ripen and be brought to the holy temple. Today, we celebrate Shavuot by studying Torah until the late hours of the night and eating lots of fabulous cheesecakes. Find more on both of these central elements in the Shavuot category.

What's the most festive holiday?

Purim is the jewish version of a costume holiday, making it colorful, festive and full of mirth. Even though Purim's story took place later than the other stories which turned into holidays, when the Israelites were already scattered in diaspora, it is probably the most popular holiday, loved by people of all ages. In Purim we get to dress up, we have fabulous meals, we give each other candies and we make noise whenever the bad guy's name is sounded in the synagogue. It's the holiday everyone's waiting to shop for. Find some cool Purim items in our Purim category.