Jewelry Mezuzah

Did you ever walk into a room, reach up to the doorpost only to realize you’re about to kiss a plain wall? Let’s get it out in the open - we are proud Mezuzah kissers and we are not ashamed to say it! It cannot be any different, with our precious Mezuzah holding such momentous psukim, protected and sealed, like a secret treasure case. Mounting a Mezuzah on the doorpost of our home, is our way of reminding ourselves of G-D’s love for us, any time we look in its direction. The Mezuzah holds kabbalah mysteries and powers, keeping us safe from harm in our own home. Wearing a delicately designed Mezuzah piece of jewlery is an excellent way of cherishing those strong sentiments. A beautiful 10 Commandment Mezuzah made of 14kt Gold is just one example out of many exquisite options from our variety of mezuzah pieces of jewelry. Another lovely option is the Menorah Mezuzah Necklace, also made of 14kt Gold, which can made a heartwarming present for your loved ones on any occasion.