Challah Plates

"A challah plate or board is an integral part of any Shabbat table. Among the essentials, you have a Kiddush cup, Challah Cover and Challah board to complete the set and turn your standard table into a Shabbat festival. Challah plates are made of a variety of materials, and come in all shapes and forms. The main use of a Challah Plate is to slice the Challah on while keeping your Shabbat table safe from nasty scratches. A good Challah plate will also hold crumbs from spreading all over the house, after you slice that crunchy bread while everyone is silent and waiting for their piece of Challah.

Young couples are often overjoyed to receive a Challah Plate for their engagement party, Sheva Brachot or housewarming. A good and sturdy Challah Plate can serve for many years and even be passed on to the next generation as a loving memento, treasuring many warm family moments. Choose from our wide collection of fine Judaica Challah plates and make yourselves or the recipient happy for every Shabbat in the years to come."

Challah Board 7 1/2" x 14"
Sku: challah-board-7-12-x-14-by-mary-jurek
Challah Board Oval 16" x 6"
Sku: challah-board-oval-16-x-6-by-mary-jurek
Madein Israel
Colorful Pomegranate Tray
Sku: prod-p12c2
Late Blooming Challah Board by Metalace Art
Sku: late-blooming-challah-board-by-metalace-art
By: Metalace
Nambe Challah tray with attached knife
Sku: nambe-challah-tray-with-attached-knife
Madein USA
Papercut Challah Plate
Sku: prod-jk934T
Madein Israel
Pomegranate Tray
Sku: prod-P12R
Sleeping Beauty Challah Board by Metalace Art
Sku: sleeping-beauty-challah-board-by-metalace-art
By: Metalace