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Handwashing Cups

Our shabbat and holiday meals start, and often end, with the hand washing cup, the natla. Washing our hands before we eat might seem obvious in our day and age, but in the past, before people had running waters inside their homes, it was considered a bother and a hassle. The hand washing cup took the place of the tap, in pouring a flux of clean water on your hands, to remove all visible dirt. It is often said that Jews who observed this custom in ancient times, were healthier for it.

Before they even knew about germs, they already knew the importance of washing up. Today, we have a tap at home to bring forth a flux of water, but we still use the hand washing cup as a wonderful tradition. Hand washing cups are made in all styles and forms, so anyone can find their unique cup to take home. This category of hand washing cups contains a lovely variety of natlas, so anyone could refresh their near sink appearance. A good hand washing cup also makes a lovely gift idea so browse through this category and choose your favorite options.