Presentation Awards & Gifts

A congregation’s rabbi presents a bar-mitzva groom with a carefully inscribed plaque after he has completed his Torah reading (and been bombarded with candies). Bursting with pride, traditional Jewish parents give their daughter a golden, 12 tribe Star of David upon her graduation. As your dear friends move into their new home, you gift them with an elegant, glass on silver rendition of “Birkat Habait” (the home blessing) to hang above their doorway.
From birth to our golden years, Judaism encompasses many unique and meaningful lifecycle events and offers an opportunity to color “ordinary” occasions with Judaic symbolism. As numerous as these events may be, Shalom House has put together an even larger selection of presentation awards and gifts that any one person would be grateful to receive. We invite you to come take a look…

Bat Mitzvah Bronze Sculpture
Sku: bat-mitzvah-bronze-sculpture-by-karen-coburn
Madein Israel
Cohanim Blessing
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Home Blessing in Silver Glass by Schlanser
Sku: home-blessing-in-silver-glass-14-inch-by-schlanser
Madein USA
Papercut Challah Plate
Sku: prod-jk934T
Madein USA
Scroll Border Art Glass Tzedakah Box
Sku: prod-7623
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Sculpture Home Blessing by Schlanser Design
Sku: sculpture-home-blessing-by-schlanser-design
SMALL Woman of Valor in Gold Glass, 7-inch by Schlanser
Sku: small-woman-of-valor-in-gold-glass-7-inch-by-schlanser
Tzedakah Box - Extra Large Green - "Whoever Saves a Life..."
Sku: tzedakah-box-extra-large-green-whoever-saves-a-life-by-gary-rosenthal
Tzedakah box cylander gray with black
Sku: tzedakah-box-cylander-gray-with-black