Challah Covers

On Friday night, when the family joins together for the first of our three Shabbat meals, we sing Shalom Alechem, we thank the ladies of the house with Eshet Chayil, and then we do the Kiddush. We bless the wine, when in fact we're blessing the entire Shabbat while our Challah, our Shabbat bread is covered. Why do we cover the Challah while we bless the wine, only to reveal it when it's the bread's turn to be blessed? Our beloved tradition holds many versions as answer to this. An especially enchanting one says that we don't want to offend the bread, when it's upstaged by the wine. This story teaches us about the basic values we acquire as Jews - we are taught to notice the other person's feelings, always take their needs into account. With our wide collection of Challah covers, you can give your bread the respect it deserves. Even if your Challah happens to overhear the wine's blessing, it won't get offended since it's covered with such a beautiful piece. A new Challah cover will add a touch of elegance to any Shabbat table, it also makes a wonderful gift idea for a housewarming or anniversary.

Price: $30 - $90

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