Talit Bags & Clips

This unique category holds some of our most practical and useful judaica items; Bags for your Talit and Tefilin, and Talit clips. Think of all those people you care about, who are still carrying their precious talit and tefilin in the same case they got for their Bar Mitzvah, hiding its stains under their arm as they walk towards the synagogue. A fresh new decorated Talit and Tefilin bag, with your choice of embroidery, makes a fun and practical present anyone would love to get. And what about those useful talit clips? If you have a Bar Mitzva coming up and are looking for an impressive gift, choose any one of these beautifully traditional talit clips to make the Bar Mitzvah chassan extra grateful! Or just get one for yourself, if like everyone else, you’re also tired of constantly lifting your talit to keep it on your shoulders while you pray. Just choose any of these uniquely decorated talit clips to make sure your talit stays in place all tfila long!

Price: $20 - $150