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Fine Judaica Blog

Here at Shalom House, we handpick our unique Judaica products for you to enjoy. Each of the luxurious items you see on our site comes with a story, deep with meaning, from the realms of our Jewish heritage and time-old tradition.

This section holds our blog posts, where we share with you, our trusted followers, the narratives behind our versatile categories of exclusive Judaica items. Read the posts below to learn more about how our products relate to and can enhance your everyday Judaica experiences.

It’s a great Mitzvah to have a stylish home!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Why not enjoy life? Why not turn lemons into delicious lemon cake? We’re a happy people, we’re known for our good humor, so let’s prove to ourselves and to the world that our traditions and mitzvahs are a great piece of lemon cake to enjoy!

What are we going on about? About mezuzahs, of course!

You’re probably wondering what’s the connection between lemons and mezuzahs, so here it is:  We were given this great Mitzvah, of posting Mezuzahs in our homes and offices.

Jewish Art – עולם ומלואו (Olam Umluo’o)

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Jewish Art”? Marc Chagall, Yaacov Agam or Moritz Oppenheim? There is a good chance you have heard of these famous Jewish Artists. It is less likely, however, that you have heard of Moses Ezekiel and Audrey Flack, and did you know that Amadeo Modigliani, Camille Pissarro and Mark Rothko were all Jewish? You might think of the world famous Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, which takes its name from the first recognized Jewish Artist, the Biblical Bezalel. Perhaps your mind’s eye sees a beautifully decorated Passover plate or Shabbat candle holders, or maybe a simple kabalistic talisman, such as the “Hamsa ” that you wear around your neck? The true beauty of Jewish art is that it’s all of these and much more.

Sukkot in Style

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Isn’t Sukkot the best holiday ever? Well, it’s right up there with Passover, Rosh HaShana, Purim and Shavuot! Okay, all holidays are awesome, but Sukkot is special. It’s connected with unique memories and smells of grass, outdoors and visiting the neighboring Sukkas.

This is a holiday where we choose to leave our homes, we agree to move out of our air conditioned comfort zones and live outside, under the skies. There might be some bugs involved, there’s often a cat around, and yet, we mount a table in the Sukkah and sing our holiday songs for all to hear. 

Add Style to your Home with Judaica Wall Art

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

When we think of decorating our homes, many thoughts and feelings come to mind. For some of us it’s a task, to be avoided and perhaps to be done with so that empty box next to the item list could finally be checked with a shiny V. But for the rest of us, the creative lot, the ones who lie awake at night contemplating on the right shade of peach to go with the throw rug, for those who are probably reading this article right now, home decor is a way of life. Those are the people who get excited when they see an empty wall, the ones who get a phone call when a friend needs an idea for a new living room look.

Past, Present and Future of Home Life

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

What does it take to make a home? Is there a simple recipe to creating that safe space we all think about when the word Home comes to mind? Where can we find the secret formula for building the perfect home life?

We all carry those nostalgic memories with us, of the place we grew up in. memories of a happy childhood, with our siblings, cousins and close friends. Flashes of smiles, games and adventures. Many of which are reconstructed from yellowing photos aided by memory. More than a few of our early memories of our home life are related to food. Holidays and shabbat meals are the perfect setting to create those home life memories which last a lifetime in our minds. We have those vivid recollections of the family sitting together, eating and conversing. Sometimes we can even remember the pattern on the plate and the smell of the food.

Plan yourself a memorable holiday season!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Another year has come and gone, can you believe it? Time flies as we live our lives, raising families, gathering experiences and earning more smile wrinkles.

The high holidays are right around the corner and this is just the time to stand still and smell the crisp night air. If we pay close attention, we might be able to notice exactly when it happens, that moment when summer starts to fade out in order to make room for autumn. When the weather gets cooler and looking at pomegranate trees, we start to see that majestic fruits in bloom.

Talit, Tzitzit, Tefillin – The Winding Path from Mitzvah to Maaseh (deeds)

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

“TTT”, the name of a DJ or hip-hop song? Well, if you consider Shacharit (morning prayers) to be a form of Jewish rap, then it is in a way. TTT stands for “talit, tzizit, tefillin” representing the Triple Crown of Judaism's daily rituals. You are probably familiar with these items, their purpose and, perhaps, their biblical origins, however, you might be wondering how we went from the biblical references of “signs” and “frontlets” to big black boxes and from “tchelet” (light blue) to ornate prayer shawls, and what about those strange undergarments with strings hanging from their corners? In the following 2 part blog post we attempt to shed some light on these questions and more.

Candles that Light Our Soul

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Since the beginning of time, man craved fire. We’re told fire was accidentally discovered at first, and quickly utilized for light, warmth and even cooking as time moved along.

Our holy Torah tells us many stories about fire. Moses heard the Lord’s voice coming from the Burning Bush, an unquenchable source of fire. We know the stories of the Vigilant Light with its ever bright flames, illuminating the halls of our holy temple, Ben HeMikdash, used to make sacrifices to thank Hashem.

Breaking a glass under the Chuppah

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Breaking a cup in a marriage ceremony was originally cited in the Talmud, and the reason given is that we should limit our joy and laughter in this world, presumably until Messiah comes.

Nevertheless, the Talmud attaches importance to the cup’s shape and value.  The Talmud describes breaking very valuable glass cups, which is not commonly done nowadays.  Nevertheless, breaking a very expensive cup is liable to be a little depressing! 

Make Your Ketubah as Unique as Your Wedding!

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Is your wedding day coming up? Is one of your children getting married soon? Is a close friend to be wed? If you answered ‘KEN!’ to either of these questions, congratulations!

With a close wedding coming up, you can probably feel that rush of excitement coursing through your veins.

Gifts for Parents - What Can You Give the People Who Have Given You Everything?

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

As we grow older our appreciation and gratitude towards the kind people who brought us into this world enhances. We grow up in the home our parents built for us after years of dreaming about a family, we are that dream come true. Hand painted drawings made by our younger selves and our children still decorate our parents’ fridge, showing the talent being passed from one generation to another.

Judaica Wall Art - A true Expression of your Jewish Sentiment

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Think of the last time you went to a fun jewish wedding; It always starts with that ever so emotional chuppah, the excited chassan concentrating on breaking the glass underfoot, the rabbi reading the ketubah, and of course, the momentous chanting that forever keeps our holy city of Jerusalem in our heads and hearts - “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem”. Who amongst us hasn’t shed a tear or added an agreeing nod upon hearing these timeless words, and at such an important moment - the finishing statement of the chuppah.

Tefillin, a basic tenet of Judaism

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

The commentary, Tikun Tephillah, explains that we don’t find the term, “Tefillin” used anywhere in the Bible.  The earliest mention of this term is in the Mechiltah and in the Tanchumah, written about 100 years before the destruction of the second Temple.  The word’s source is תפל, meaning tightly attached, as we see in Ezekiel, where it says, "והנם טחים אותו תפל", i.e. they are plastering something snugly.  Another example is in the Talmud, where it says that a woman prefers one portion (of wealth), together with a close relationship with her husband, rather than nine portions by herself.  This name, “Tefillin", explains why we wear Tefillin, (or “Totafot”, Ornaments, as the Torah calls them).  We wear a Sign to show us that we are set apart from other nations and that we cleave to G-d

Talit and Tzitzit

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

The Shulchan Aruch gives another reason for this, i.e. that we go from a lower holiness to a higher one - Tefillin.    In the Beit Yosef he gives yet another reason, that whatever is done more regularly takes precedence.  Since we don’t lay Tefillin every day but do wear Tzitzit and a Talit every day, then the latter take precedence.  In addition to all this, the Siddur Otsar Hatephilot notes that the Mitzvah of Tzitzit is equivalent to all the other Mitzvot, as opposed to Tefillin.  Therefore, the former takes precedence.

The Hamsa - A Cross Cultural Protective Talisman

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

On October 2nd 1977, Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team, in celebration of Mr. Baker’s 30th home run of the season,  gave each other the first documented “High Five”, unawares of the undying fad they had kicked off. Neither did they know that they were, in practice, tapping into an age-old symbol of safety and good fortune – the “Hamsa”, which is seeing a massive revival as a signal of hope and peace in the modern world.

Kiddush Cups

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

A Kiddush cup is called a “Kos Shel Brochoh”, i.e.  a cup with wine that we bless over.

There are many occasions that we bless over wine, not just Kiddush.  Although we make Kiddush twice on Shabbat and festival days, morning and evening, we also use a Kiddush cup when Shabbat or festivals end, to make Havdalah and to differentiate between Shabbat and the rest of the week.

Tzedakah Boxes – Little Box of Hope

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

Tzedakah. Translated by some as “charity”, by others as “philanthropy” and by others yet as “giving”. The truth, the “Emet” is that “Tzedakah” embodies all of these and more, and Tzedakah boxes, those small plain or ornate boxes kept in homes and places of business, allow us to perform the important mitzvah of Tzedakah at any time and nearly any place, anonymously providing for those in need.

Passover and the Seder nights

By: Shalom House Fine Judaica

As we all know, Pesach (Passover) is a very special festival, not to mention a very busy time beforehand!

However, the height of Pesach are the Seder nights, and very exciting, especially for kids.  We have Four Cups, a Seder plate, interesting stories, an Afikomen, and presents, not to mention a time when families get together, often with interesting guests.


By: Shalom House

Tzedakah boxes are wonderful gifts for new baby, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, new home, or just because.

Shavuot falls on Saturday evening May 19- Monday May 21

By: Shalom House

Shavuot is known as the "Festival of Weeks" as we celebrate 7 weeks from Passover, when Moses received the Ten Commandments at Mt.Sinai.

Woman of Valor for Mother's Day

By: Shalom House

Shalom House Fine Judaica has a variety of elegant gifts with the Biblical Quote (Proverbs 31:10-31) That Is Traditionally Sung By A Husband To His Wife On Friday Night. The Woman Of Valor Is A Wonderful Gift From A Husband To Wife For An Anniversary, Engagement Or Wedding Gift. It Is Also An Excellent Presentation Gift To Honor A Woman Of Valor as a presentation gift.

New and Exciting Products from Israel

By: Shalom House

We are excited to offer products by Ofek Wertman, who is an artist, designer, and animator. He is the second generation to a family of artists. His creations are original and colorful, combining industrial design with graphic design and employing various printing techniques on different materials. 

Mother's Day at Shalom House Fine Judaica

By: Shalom House

Happy Mother's Day!  Stop on by before you see Mom and bring her flowers and love that will last forever!

Passover Seder in Two Weeks!

By: Shalom House

Got Haggadot? Visit Shalom House Fine Judaica to see the wonderful selection!

Colorful Ketubot by Robin Hall

By: Shalom House

Robin Hall was born in Brooklyn and loved creating with her hands since she was a child. Robin loved Judaism, its culture, spirit, values, depth and traditions. 

Vibrant Blessing Art Pieces by Susie Lubell

By: Shalom House

Talented artist, Susie Lubell, uses mixed media together with layers of vibrant acrylics, tissue paper, oil pastels and paint markers, to create a rich environment for spirited animals, quirky gardens and whimsical buildings to come alive in her beautiful blessing art pieces.  

Featured Artist: Joel Bless

By: Shalom House

Joel Bless is an American glassblowing artist. His passion for glassblowing began during his time at Rochester Institute of Technology. After his college career he went on to teach glassblowing. He met his wife, Candace Luke-Bless in the 1970s.