Candles that Light Our Soul

Candles that Light Our Soul

Since the beginning of time, man craved fire. We’re told fire was accidentally discovered at first, and quickly utilized for light, warmth and even cooking as time moved along.

Our holy Torah tells us many stories about fire. Moses heard the Lord’s voice coming from the Burning Bush, an unquenchable source of fire. We know the stories of the Vigilant Light with its ever bright flames, illuminating the halls of our holy temple, Ben HeMikdash, used to make sacrifices to thank Hashem.

Fire and light are at once a comfort and a mystery. We light a fire to warm up our homes, to cook our food and light our space, but we look deep into its dancing flames and see into other realms.

Fire is the basis of many stories, midrashim and analogies. Our soul craves the holy Torah like a fire craves oxygen, one can’t do without the other.

In our modern day and age, fire has been domesticated and somewhat derived of its previous weight in human lives. We light up our kitchen stoves with a click of a gas lighter and we’re always a match strike away from a small flame.

And still, there are certain moments in life during which we are thrown back to our primal instincts and have the pleasure of appreciating fire for all that it is.

During a power outage, the entire house is dark, our mobile devices are set aside, everything is quiet and we choose to light a candle. In those intimate moments we find ourselves gazing at the purple blue flame, enjoying its simple dance.

At camping trips, around a fire, we bond, we sing, we thrive in each other’s company, encouraged by the bonfire’s flicker against the dark skies.

And as jews, lucky enough to be a part of this ancient tribe, we are privileged to dedicate special moments to one of nature’s basic elements - fire. We light a candle, say a blessing and thank the good lord for all the wonderful things we have in our lives, emboldened by the glint of the flame. Every friday evening, when we welcome in our precious Shabbat, we light candles, cover our eyes and thank our creator for including us in this special group of people who are lucky enough to be jews.

And if once a week isn’t enough, we celebrate Hanukkah eight days a year. During this cherished holiday, we gather our family around the Menorah and enjoy the sight of the candles, lighting our home as if it was the holy temple.

A candle is a small light. It creates an orb of flickering flames by which we can illuminate a very small surface. Yet a candle is also very significant for us. We see many reasons for this gentle luminous wand to hold such meaning in our lives and are happy to give it the place it deserves with beautifully decorated candles.

For this exact purpose, we gathered a few favorite items into this Judaica Candles category, which can really inspire the love of candle work in anyone.

White dripless candles, made in Sefad, the current city of Kabbalah and Tzadikim, come in a 45 piece box which is perfect for your next Hanukkah. These candles fit most Menorahs and light for a full hour, giving you and your family sufficient time to sing all of your favorite songs, play a few dreidel games and eat a few latkes.

Ornamental handmade beeswax candles which come in a variety of delicate pastel colors can we be used for Shabbat or Hanukkah, to be enjoyed by children and adults. These unique candles are made in the US and their special texture grants them extra points.

The Havdalah, our special ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat and the beginning of a new week, differentiates the holy day from the standard weekdays, using wine, perfumes, and of course - fire. Ornamental Havdalah candles are an ancient tradition passed down for generations. Families passed the secret of creating these decorative intertwined candles from parent to child, so that we could enjoy their beauty until this day. Our young ones long to be chosen as holders of this precious candle, and if they’re well behaved, they win the honor of being the center of attention during Havdalah by holding the colorful candle.

Another favourite is the Travel Shabbat Set, containing everything you need to observe the Mitzvah of Shabbat candles while you’re on the go. Whether you’re away on business, in a camping trip or on a luxurious resort, this travel kit is a must pack for anyone looking to make sure never to miss lighting their Shabbat candles.

Last but not least, holding deepest significance, the Yahrzeit candle holder. A light is like a person’s soul, Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam, and we use candles to commemorate our deceased loved ones on the day of their passing, the Yahrzeit. This contemporary memorial candle holder is a lovely way of cherishing dear family members as the Yahrzeit candle lights up the home. 

Candles, with their strong significance, are of great meaning to us. We choose to respect that meaning by using the very best and finest products so we can enjoy both their inner beauty, and their outer, handmade artistic intricacy.

We are sure you will enjoy any candle you choose to get for yourself and your loved ones, with its many possible uses. We ask that you take a moment to appreciate the love and craftsmanship put into its creation. This thin stick of light is made especially for you, using ancient knowledge and expertise passed down from generation to generation, to add a little bit of light to your home and heart. 

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