Gifts for Parents - What Can You Give the People Who Have Given You Everything?

Gifts for Parents - What Can You Give the People Who Have Given You Everything?

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with how much our parents love us and are willing to do for our sake. They support us, care for us and give us whatever they can, often putting our needs before theirs.

As we grow older our appreciation and gratitude towards the kind people who brought us into this world enhances. We grow up in the home our parents built for us after years of dreaming about a family, we are that dream come true. Hand painted drawings made by our younger selves and our children still decorate our parents’ fridge, showing the talent being passed from one generation to another.

With their loving care, we blossom and turn into parents ourselves; we have children of our own - their grandchildren, and are able to finally see through our parents’ eyes and understand some of what they have done for us while bringing us up.

There’s no question about the deep longing to give back to our parents.

Our everyday conversations, loving hugs and kisses are a fine comfort to them, but we’re often in search for a meaningful present that will show our love for them in a way that can be shown to the world.

The actual choosing of that perfect gift, is quite a difficult task. Should we get them something personal or an item for the home? Will they like a piece of jewelry of a wall hanging?

Having run into this dilemma regularly, we started a category to save you a lot of head scratching and those infinite searches. This Gifts for Parents category is the perfect answer to so many questions - your parents are having a fancy Chag dinner and you don’t want to come empty handed, what should you bring? Your father’s birthday is coming up and there’s nothing in the world he needs, Baruch Hashem, what should you do?

The bottom line is that we are the ones that make our parents happy. They want to see us mature, build homes of our own and raise happy and healthy families to continue their heritage. Since we are our parent’s most cherished gifts, this category holds several items that will keep the memory of family experiences, like a wedding, in plain view. Marrying us, their children, is as momentous to our parents as it is for us.

Our wide collection of decorative containers for wedding glass shards is beautiful and useful; Imagine your mother entertaining her friends, sitting around the coffee table and showing them a delicately framed photo from your wedding, with a secret compartment holding the very same shards from the glass broken in your Chuppah. This gift idea is a great option for couples who recently got married and are looking to thank their parents for all the time and love spent around planning and organizing the memorable event.

We sometimes get invited to a wedding, Bat or Bar Mitzvah where we care about the entire family, not just the bride and groom of the event. Give the real producers behind the fun event a token of your appreciation - the parents of the couple or of the Bat or Bar Mitzvah would be thrilled to have their close friends notice all the hard work put into the event. Exclusive gifts like our From Generation to Generation Parent’s Blessing are a wonderful way of showing that warm sentiment. The unique contemporary fine art print gives thanks to parents in a simple and honest way and can later be displayed as the beautifully eye catching wall hanging it is. Why should the Bat Mitzvah girl get all the attention? Her parents deserve some of the love as well.

Another heartwarming occasion to give a present, is when your children are getting married and you’re looking to thank the bride or groom’s parents. The thought behind this gift is so deep and touching as it holds your gratitude for them right before you are united together as a family. Giving your inlaws a meaningful present around the wedding celebrations is a great way to kick off your life long relationship with them, expressing your wishes towards a loving and fruitful merge. This framed artwork holds several quotes, all significant to the parents who have raised the bride or groom that is to be wed to your beloved child.

“Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li” - I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine, a famous and purposeful verse from the Song of Songs, as written by our most famous poet, the smartest man to have ever lived - King Solomon, also known as Kohelet. Its abbreviation explains the meaning behind the name of Elul, the Hebrew month right before the High Holidays where we seek to feel closer to G-D. This quote also represents the love of a man to a woman and the deeply engraved feelings a child has for his parents. This colorful framed papercut displays the important quote in both English and Hebrew, Handcrafted in Israel and styled to compliment any space. The Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li framed papercut makes a wonderful gift for your parents on their birthday or anniversary, both for its trendy look and the heartwarming message it sends.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being the kind daughter or son that you are, thinking about your parents and looking for creative and inventive ways of thanking them. Your parents are lucky to have you just as much as you feel lucky to have them in your life. Cherish every moment with your loving family and acknowledge their support and efforts by choosing a heartwarming gift for them to accompany your loving hugs and smiles.

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