Good day, you Wonderful Giver!

Good day, you Wonderful Giver!

We here at Shalom House, think that the fact that you say 'Good Morning', means you're a good person.

Why? Because it means you wish others well.

Your 'Good Night' holds much meaning, your 'Shabbat Shalom' comes from the bottom of your heart. 

You truly want the person next to you to have a 'Happy Holiday'.

When wishing well to others, both sides benefit - the person wishing, or blessing, is filled with the warmth of a true intention, and the person being blessed, feels touched by the love of another.

Yes, even with simple blessings such as A Gitte Voh, you know that a person is truly wishing you to have a great week.

The Jewish people has been wishing each other well since the beginning of, well, the Jewish people.

Abraham, leaving the land of his ancestors, even when looking around and spotting much Avoda Zara or blasphemy, still wished that country well and hoped no wrong would come upon them.

Blessing others means being able to empathize, feeling what the other person feels. Sharing the burden of emotions and trying to lighten it by improving the existing situation and perhaps even making it better.

Surrounding ourselves with blessings means that we're looking for a happier life. Blessing others, appreciating the kind words we hear spoken to us and decorating our space with good words, means that we are looking for the light in our lives, casting the shadow away and are creating a better today for ourselves.

When you step into a shop that has a great big smiling Welcome mat, you feel welcomed. It sounds simple, so simple that it's overlooked, but let's take a moment to look at it. Wouldn't you prefer to return to a place of business that greeted you warmly?

Walking into a friend's house, and seeing a colorful Health, Love and Success sign hanging, makes us feel like we want to keep visiting this friend, who willingly chose to welcome us with such blessings, and is living their lives on the bright side.

It is often said that there's no finding a happy life, you need to make it for yourself. Well, we believe that the jewish custom of posting signs of gratitude, such as Birkat HaBayit - Home Blessing, is just that, making your own happy life.

Look at the wide array of chances we have to wish each other well, and blessing each other, especially around the holidays, to really get to the bottom of what a warm people we are.

To celebrate the warmth and passion of our people, to share the marvel of this empathic culture, we created a list of our favorite blessings.

This list holds wonderful ideas for decorating your own home or for gifts for a home or place of business.

Let's start by appreciating those who make our house a home. This Eshet Chayil - Woman of Valor glass platter is just the gift to make the person giving it all at your home feel loved and seen. This exclusive Judaica item is made of glass and is plated with gold, giving it an elegant and exquisite look.

The Hamsa Jerusalem stone can be mounted on any flat surface, so it's great for a dining or living room, and even for a place of business. The Hamsa is a wonderful icon to bring into your space as it symbolizes protection safety. Meaningful phrases are engraved on the stone and glass. It's truly a favorite, as it's both trendy in style and laden with significance.

Looking for a light and colorful wall decoration, overflowing with kindness? Look no further - the Pomegranate Arch wall hanging is fun, unbeat and makes a wonderful gift. Yes, also for yourself. The birds, colors and pomegranate shapes are wonderful to behold, and looking at it long enough you'll find yourself daydreaming about dewey mornings in grassy meadows.

Another favorite is the Plowshares Home Blessing Print which is affordable and sends a very strong message of love and good wishes. The Blessing of the Home is printed on it among earth tone images of Israeli nature, such as a plowed field, a ladder leading up to a tree heavy with fruit and a homely stone wall.

If you're looking to fill up a wall with some Judaica beauty, the Wall Art Priestly Blessing is exactly what you need. This framed papercut art is unique, elegant and works well in any space. It holds the important phrases of Birkat HaKohanim, the Priestly Blessing, in both Hebrew and English. May the lord bless you and protect you, so it says. As powerful as a blessing as can be.

For those who prefer to see a lot with just a little, we strongly recommend picking up the Ani L'Dodi wall hanging. This exquisite cut steel blessing says it all in just 4 words - Ani L'Dodi VeDodi Li. I dedicate myself to the lord and know I shall be forever protected. Quoting the most beautiful and poetic of the Jewish books - Song of Songs, Shir HaShirim, this beautiful phrase could also be interpreted to be referring to a loved one, rather than our maker. The clear cut steel is elegant and beautiful, making this piece perfect for any space. 

We started this blog post by mentioning the importance of creating a good life for ourselves. This is not a new idea. Our ancient books of wisdom shared this important advice thousands of years ago. Remind yourself of your life's journey with the slick Seek Peace and Pursue It board. Make in framed black and silver colors, this message cannot be missed. This important phrase is taken from the book of Psalms and the significant message it carries might just make you or your loved one's life all that brighter.

We believe in the strong power of blessings, as a way of showing our love and empathy, so we have arranged our wide variety of exclusive Blessings into categories for you to browse through -

The wedding/Anniversary Blessings category, the Home Blessings category, and the general Blessings category which holds it all in one place.

Wishing you many blessings, may your friends always adore what you get for them and that you may always enjoy giving as much as getting.



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