Home Blessings

The difference between a cosy home and a featureless one, lies in a few things. It's not about the size or the cost of the place and furniture, it's about how much of yourself you bring into your home. Are your unique characteristics felt in your home?

When creating this Home Blessings category, we had your home in mind. This category holds a lovely variety of items to make any space, small or great, feel homely and cosy.

Your living room wall might enjoy a few colorful pesukim to tie the room together and bring a sense of judaica. The kitchen wall could use the Home Blessing hanging, reminding us how lucky we are for all that we were given. Keep your friends in mind when browsing, since their dining room wall may greatly appreciate a nice Kohanim Blessing platter.

We invite you to scroll through these unique Home Blessings, adding a personal touch and a feeling of homeliness to any space.

Madein Israel
Blessing Tree
Sku: prod-32B
Madein Israel
Cohanim Blessing
Sku: prod-10479
Home Blessing Framed Papercut - Platinum with Shaded Blue Backing
Sku: home-blessing-framed-papercut-platinum-with-shaded-blue-backing-by-danny-azoulay
Home Blessing in Silver Glass by Schlanser
Sku: home-blessing-in-silver-glass-14-inch-by-schlanser
House Blessing Framed Print
Sku: house-blessing-framed-print-by-gad-almaliah
Sculpture Home Blessing by Schlanser Design
Sku: sculpture-home-blessing-by-schlanser-design
Wall Art Chai Blessing Framed Papercut
Sku: wall-art-chai-blessing-framed-papercut-by-enya-keshet
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-by-enya-keshet
Madein Israel
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Blue and Gold
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-blue-and-gold
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacock
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacock
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut Peacocks
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-peacocks
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Papercut White
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-papercut-white-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed Round Trees
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-round-trees-by-danny-azoulay
Wall Art Home Blessing Framed White Papercut
Sku: wall-art-home-blessing-framed-white-papercut-by-danny-azoulay