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Fill up your four cups, it's time for Passover!

Fill up your four cups, it's time for Passover!

It's that wonderful time of year again. The air is starting to lose its biting chill, the birds are coming back from their round trip around the globe and we finally noticed that our tan is gone. All this means that it's almost time for the greatest holiday of all! Passover!

Passover is right around the corner, and there's so much to do!

We like to say that we slave to prepare for this holiday and are freed during the Seder, same way as our ancient ancestors were. This holiday beats all others when it comes to planning ahead. Are you entertaining or going to someone else's house for Seder? Have you thought of what to cook? What will you wear? Which room will you clean first and which last? You know how important the order of room cleaning is, since we don't want anyone spreading hametz crumbs all over a room we already declared as chametz free.

As we answer all these important questions, making our holiday plans and adjusting ourselves to current events, we might find ourselves lost in a thousand errands. One simple thing can take us back to the joy of the holiday - our offsprings. The sparkle in our kids' eyes when they hear that Passover is coming up, is what fills us with energies to keep on planning, organizing, cooking and cleaning. With a beat of an eye we're taken back to our own childhood, reminded of our excitement towards the family gathering, the fresh clothes, the special foods, the songs including the Ma Nishtana solo and of course, the Afikoman.

The Seder is indeed an eventful evening for our young ones. Keeping the magic alive for as long as you can is essential both for the atmosphere at your family's seder, and for generations to come. Your children will pass on that same unique feeling to their children, B"H, when the time comes.

Passover is a very important holiday for us, as a people.

It's our time to join as one and remember the great miracles Hashem did to save us.

Passover is a favorite time for people of all ages, enjoying the stories of our people leaving Egypt and creating memories that often last a lifetime.

To make this holiday even more special, we like to wear our finest clothes, set the table using our finest and give gifts to one another.

This year's Passover is a very special one. As we sit with our loved ones around the Seder table, we can proudly and lovingly look around and be truly thankful.

Thankful to Hashem for all the good he has given us. For being strong and healthy during this strange time.

We know keeping up a positive approach towards this holiday is not always a simple task, as our hands are full of detergent and potatoes. Here at Shalom House, we'd like to help you create a marvellous holiday for you and your loved ones, but are a bit out of reach to ball up that Matzah.

So to save you time, we gathered a list of great items for you. All that's left to do is to click and open the door for the delivery person.

Unique Seder table decoration

This first category holds items to make the table look exquisite, whether you're the hosts or guests.

The Seder Plates category holds many gems, but we braced ourselves and picked a favorite - the Dune Seder Plate. Made of shiny steel, this modern Seder Plate is divided into gentle curves, creating a throne for each majestic piece of ceremonial food. Your Seder Table will resemble a gourmet restaurant with this Plate.

Where shall you put the Matzahs, you ask? Well, the Matzah Plates category holds some fine options for you, but here's our pet plate - the Magnetic Matzah Plate. Keeping up with the clean modern line, this Matzah plate is intriguing as it is useful. Inspired by the view of yachts sailing in Tel Aviv, this plate will make your Matzahs wish they were a full year thing.

Elijah's cup is an interesting ritual, vague with Kabbalah mystery and magic. Our selection of Elijah cups would quench every thirst, but we know which item wins the race to our heart - the Wave Elijah Cup, made of steel, glass and copper put into two stories, this is a cup that asks Ma Nishtana all night long.

Gifts for all ages

Are you a gift giver or receiver? May we always be on the giving end, we say, but who doesn't like a good gift?

Be the awesome gift giver and choose a fun Haggadah from our wide selection. This adorable My Very Own Haggadah will make the young ones around the table so fascinated with the happenings, you might actually be able to talk to the grown ups!

Your host has put his illustrated Haggadah aside years ago and would probably appreciate this Hard Cover Gibraltar haggadah, known for its clear print and luxury layout.

Our pets are also in on the excitement, so why not give them gifts as well? Don't wait until your puppy's 13 to put this lovely Bark Mitzvah bandana on their necks.

Do the young ones enjoy putting on Seder shows at your home? While you sit back and let your stomach rest until the next dish, have the kids entertain the group with a show rich with accessories. Make it rain frogs and wild animals until our people are freed!

We hope you enjoyed this listing and found many great options to make your Passover even more fun and exciting than usual. We wish you a happy holiday and many years of good health.  

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