Seder Plates

So what's the story behind Seder plates? Why do we put them on the table and why do they hold such tremendous value to us?

Deeply engraved in our memories of Passovers past, the seder plates are the focal point of the ceremony. They hold the ceremonial foods around which the Seder is based, celebrating all the different miracles our people enjoyed thousands of years ago. Each portion and Edda of our people has their own variation of the Seder plate, but we all agree on two things - the  foods we place on it, and on the fact that it should look nice. Since we can't do much to help you prepare that shankbone, we decided to create this category to help you achieve the second goal.

This Seder Plates category holds a surprising variety of plates, dedicated to the purpose of celebrating Passover with much galor and luxury. Get a unique plate for yourself, a decorative one for your hosts and artistic pieces for all the family leaders around your seder table. Everyone will be so busy discussing these Seder plates you'll barely have time for the Haggadah! 

Black Orchid 6 Compartment Plate
Sku: black-orchid-6-compartment-plate
Curlicue Design Seder Plate
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Haggadah Seder Tray
Sku: haggadah-seder-tray
By: CJ Art
HaSefer (The Book) Seder Tray
Sku: hasefer-the-book-seder-tray
By: CJ Art
Passover Seder Plate - Joyful Flowers by Tzuki Studio
Sku: passover-seder-plate-joyful-flowers-by-tzuki-studio
By: Tzuki
Pomegranate Seder Plate - Goldtone
Sku: pomegranate-6-compartment-plate-1
Stacked Seder Plate Combo
Sku: stacked-seder-plate-combo
Tree of Life 6 Compartment Plate
Sku: tree-of-life-glass-6-compartment-plate
White Orchid 6 Compartment Plate
Sku: white-orchid-6-compartment-plate