Why is this Passover different from all other passovers, you ask, my dear child? Because this Passover, we got some great Haggadahs for everyone around the Seder table!

The Haggadah is a focal point of our Seder, as we go around the table, taking turns reading from it. The story of our people being saved from Egypt is so important we teach it to our children at an early age, and we keep it in mind all through our lives, telling it in Passover and in our daily prayers. The Haggadah leads us through the Seder and helps us make sense of the busy evening, with its traditions and rituals.

That's why it's important to get a Haggadah that is a good fit for you and your guests - it should match your Nossach, be pleasing to the eye, and contain information you'd enjoy reading all through the evening.

This Haggadahs category contains a wide variety of unique pieces for you to choose from. Browse through the surprising items and pick the Haggadahs that would make this seder extra awesome for you and all your guests.

30 Minute Seder Passover Haggadah
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60 Minute Seder Passover Haggadah
Sku: 60-minute-seder-passover-haggadah
A Different Night Compact Edition Passover Haggadah
Sku: a-different-night-compact-edition-passover-haggadah
A Family Haggadah I Passover Haggadah
Sku: a-family-haggadah-i-passover-haggadah
A Night to Remember Passover Haggadah
Sku: a-night-to-remember-passover-haggadah
A Passover Haggadah Paperback
Sku: a-passover-haggadah-paperback
Family Haggadah-A Seder For All Generations
Sku: family-haggadah-a-seder-for-all-generations
Passover Haggadah-The Feast of Freedom-Paperback
Sku: passover-haggadah-the-feast-of-freedom-paperback
Sephardic Children's Haggadah-Hardcover
Sku: sephardic-childrens-haggadah-hardcover
The (unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah
Sku: the-unofficial-hogwarts-haggadah
Sku: the-ayeka-haggadah-hearing-your-own-voice
The Children's Haggadah-Hardcover
Sku: the-childrens-haggadah-hardcover
The Istanbul Haggadah-Hardcover
Sku: the-istanbul-haggadah-hardcover