Matza Plates

What comes into our lives for just one week a year, is super crumbly and is great with any kind of spread?

If you guessed Matza, you're right! The Matzah holiday is right around the corner and we are excited! The world is divided into those who indulge in every bite or this crumbly cracker, and to those who get a stomach ache just by thinking of the unleavened gluten. Whether you're a fan or a foe of this thin carb, you just know you're going to have a few bites of the Matzah during Seder. Put it in your soup or eat it with Charoset, just pick a nice Matzah from the Matzah plate and feel the annual thrill that comes with the holiday.

This fun category of Matzah plates holds a variety of options to celebrate your unleavened bread. We have some magnetic beauties and anodized pieces, all to make the Matzah appealing to everyone around the table.

Glass Matza Tray
Sku: glass-matza-tray-by-caesarea-arts
Half Children Motif Matzah Tray #ID 431 10
Sku: half-children-motif-matzah-tray-id-431-10-by-tamara-baskin
Houses Matzah Tray #430
Sku: houses-matzah-tray-430-by-tamara-baskin
Magnetic Matzah Plate
Sku: magnetic-matzah-plate-by-laura-cowan
Magnetic Matzah Plate Small
Sku: magnetic-matzah-plate-small-by-laura-cowan
Matza Plate Seven Species MA-3 by Emanuel, Yair
Sku: matza-plate-seven-species-ma-3-by-emanuel-yair
Mediterranean Matzah Tray #458
Sku: mediterranean-matzah-tray-458-by-tamara-baskin
Madein Israel
Ocean Glass Matza Plate
Sku: prod-373
Twelve Tribes Matzah Tray
Sku: twelve-tribes-matzah-tray-by-tamara-baskin