Judaica Wall Art - A true Expression of your Jewish Sentiment

Judaica Wall Art - A true Expression of your Jewish Sentiment

Think of the last time you went to a fun jewish wedding; It always starts with that ever so emotional chuppah, the excited chassan concentrating on breaking the glass underfoot, the rabbi reading the ketubah, and of course, the momentous chanting that forever keeps our holy city of Jerusalem in our heads and hearts - “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem”. Who amongst us hasn’t shed a tear or added an agreeing nod upon hearing these timeless words, and at such an important moment - the finishing statement of the chuppah.

We keep our holy city in our head and heart every day, making sure to think about it, mention it in our prayers and conversations and of course, instill those same feelings and thoughts in our family members. For this purpose, many families choose to decorate their homes with judaica wall art, keeping a gentle reminder around the home and a wonderful conversation starter for an evening with friends.

Some choose to put up painted art of the holy city, made in the traditional style that we grew up marveling. Images of Jerusalem in all its glory, containing our familiar motifs such as the Star of David and the city’s domes.

Others, finding the wedding ceremony as one of our most intense and meaningful moments in life, choose to honor their homes with a wonderful 3d depiction of the chuppah as the center and beginning of new life.

Keeping our jewish tradition and yiddishkayt at heart at all times, we are also lovingly known for our humor and chutzpah! Colorful wall art made of recycled materials, reading fun messages like Shlep, to remind you to get some rest, now what house doesn’t need a reminder to get some sleep, a refreshing schlafstunde? A colorful Mensch sign, for our growing adolescent, to take a photo of and upload to all possible social media platforms. And perhaps a Macher wall art, for that one friend who just seems to know everyone on the planet. These fun judaica wall art options will not only get a laugh, but also a lifetime recognition as that person who can really shop for others.

Is there a more recognizably jewish moment in the week, than Friday night Kiddush? We work so hard all week long, we prepare for shabbat - days in advance, planning our meals, shopping for food, drinks, books and snacks. It’s our special time, dedicated to family and friends. Shabbat is when we intentionally choose to hit pause on our daily race of life, and honor our tradition by spending time with the people we love and an overwhelming amount of food.

We sing Shalom Alechem, to greet and welcome the angels who escort us from synagogue, we ask them to shower us with blessings and then we send them off to continue their holy work of divine assistance.

And then, we take a few minutes to give true and honest thanks to the lady of the house by singing Eshet Chail. This ancient chant that has been sung in every jewish home for centuries, has many meanings and layers, but we choose to dedicate it to our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who take time out of their busy schedules to make Shabbat such a pleasant time for all of the family. We can showcase our gratitude all through the week by hanging this beautiful piece of judaica wall art, matted and framed, all ready to hang and make a special lady feel appreciated.

Right after Kiddush, after we blessed the shabbat over wine and challah, before we move on to wash our hands, we take a moment to bless our nearest and dearest - our children. We pour our hearts into a few simple words, while we hold them close to us with the palms of our hands resting on their heads. “May G-D bless you”, we tell them, using the full force of those simple words, phrased two thousand years ago, which contain all we could possibly wish them. This fun and colorful wall art keeps these strong words in front of our eyes, to remind our children and us that the real love and protection flows all the way from the heavens, through us, to guide and protect them through their journey of life.

Our children, cousins and nephews all grow up so fast and start families of their own. On one hand, it’s everything we ever wished for, and on the other hand, we want to make sure they’re safe, that they’re creating a warm home for themselves and that they’re well and happy. All those well wishes are wonderfully expressed in this decorative piece of judaica wall art, wishing the recipient happiness, fortune, health and success, making it a creative housewarming present. Another beautiful gift option, is this 7 blessings wall art, made of 7 tiles, which feature different blessings for the home and family, all made in an authentic style and unique designs.

We all know young children absorb new knowledge quickly, especially our bright young Tinokos Shel Bais Rabban. Giving the next generation the gift of language can change their entire fate, making it easier for them to pick it up in later stages. Start teaching the young ones the Hebrew Alef Bet early on with this sturdy and easy to clean wall hanging, which displays a pocket for every letter, containing a soft toy for that letter of the Alef Bet.

Our jewish circle of life, made of shabbats and holidays can keep us so busy we sometimes forget to look up and thank G-D for all we have. Let’s take a moment to look around, smile, and appreciate our good fortune in this journey of life.


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