Make Your Ketubah as Unique as Your Wedding!

Make Your Ketubah as Unique as Your Wedding!

Is your wedding day coming up? Is one of your children getting married soon? Is a close friend to be wed? If you answered ‘KEN!’ to either of these questions, congratulations!

With a close wedding coming up, you can probably feel that rush of excitement coursing through your veins.

Imagine the wedding day. That special day which the entire group of family and friends is preparing for.

It starts with everyone simply waking up on their own, plenty of time before the alarm clock goes off, to find that you are all just too excited to go on sleeping.

You’re all enjoying the wedding day and its arrangements, surrounded by people who love one another and care for each other, smiling faces all around. The entire entourage gets their hair and makeup done, wearing those exquisite outfits that have been picked out weeks in advance, possibly before the engagement was ever finalized.

Wedding days are full of fun moments for the whole group. But the entire day of preparations, following weeks of planning, is nothing compared to the main event. All that time spent organizing, all leads up to that greatly anticipated ceremony, the Chuppah.

Starting with its deeply meaningful name, the Chuppah is one of the most recognizable jewish ceremonies. Right there along with Yom Kippur, people who know very little about our ancient tradition, will still probably know about these two.

So what is it that makes the Chuppah such an exceptional ceremony? Is it the seven beautiful blessings, the Sheva Brachot, all heartfelt send-offs for a happy marriage?

Is it the familiarity of it all, bringing cherished family members up to the Chuppah so that they can take part, read, pray for us and bless us?

Or is it the Ketubah, that ancient document, written in Aramaic more than two thousand years ago and still revered to this day?

Every little detail of the tantalizing Chuppah ceremony contributes its part, but the Ketubah is really a unique part.

It was written in times when the female gender had very little ability to speak for itself, yet it is completely formulated for the bride’s protection. The Ketubah outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, all revolutionary concepts during those days when it was drafted.

The meaning of the Ketubah for the ceremony is invaluable. Without a proper Ketubah, an orthodox Rabbi can’t officiate.

The Ketubah is so important to us, that it’s usually kept at the bride’s parents’ house, and not given to the young and possibly less responsible newlyweds.

All the small details are planned months in advance, when it comes to weddings. We plan the order of the Sheva Brachot at the Chuppah, we know which glass will be wrapped in tin foil and placed under the excited Chassan’s foot, and we also want to make sure that our precious Ketubah is as unique and beautiful as it can be.

Many couples these days are choosing a personalized Ketubah, which they can look back at for many years and smile, remembering their beautiful Chuppah.

Make your Chuppah, or is it your child’s or sibling’s that much more special, with a customized Ketubah, made to your request.

You can choose the design according to favorite style, preferred color scheme and of course, add the names of the happy couple to be wed.

The Brocade style has recently made a significant return and has turned the Brocade style Ketubah a rising hit among couples. This delicately decorated Ketubah contains ethnic ornaments and a lovely background, that makes the Hebrew script in the middle stand out. A great choice of Ketubah for those young love birds with their embarrassed grins. 

Our wide collection of unique Ketubahs, ranges from authentic to modern, stopping at upbeat and trendy along the way.

While we love all of our carefully chosen products, we do sometimes find a piece that sneaks into our hearts and just sits there. The 1+1 Ketubah is one of our personal favorites here, as a visually stimulating Ketubah that can easily be considered a pure work of art on its own. Made by a Chicago based graphic designer, it’s trendy and minimalist, sending a message of harmony and love. It can quickly become the Ketubah your rabbi will admire and later the main piece in your living room, inside a simple frame to be enjoyed by all.

If you or the couple that are soon to be married are more into the abstract style, check out this uncommon design by a very talented artist. The Abstract Ketubah is absolutely fun to look at, with its colorful background as a wild contrast to the clean and quiet script area. Giving it the attention it deserves, we are able to notice that the upbeat background contains elements of coupling and union in nature. The piece’s contradiction between beautifully loud messes and peaceful moments is simply an accurate analogy for the flow of our lives.

Another interesting Ketubah option is this Ahava contemporarily oriental piece. The words Love and Ahava are a central theme for this Ketubah, with its unique blossoming tree design. Filled with classic and trendy details, this Ketubah could be lovingly personalized for your Chuppah.

No matter which Ketubah you choose, we wish you and your loved ones a happy wedding, a blessed union and a fruitful and healthy life!

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