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Your kindness goes a long way

Your kindness goes a long way

Remember that time you moved? Maybe even those several times?

Moving can be quite a hassle. The end result of having a new place to live in, with an endless supply of potential adventures and memories, is well worth it, but the process itself is a complicated ordeal.

Finding a new home, finalizing financial terms and issues and packing are all the easy parts of the job, if you compare those to the move, cleanup and unpacking.

As we all know, the whole process of moving, especially with young kids, is complicated, and very exciting.

Looking back at your moving memories, was there a moment of grace?

Were there acts of kindness, in the midst of boxes and trucks?

What was your island of sanity in the sea of lists of phone calls?

While many choose to look ahead to a completed job, it's ok to take a moment and enjoy the process. Most of the time you actually have no choice but to take a breather in the one free square of your future living room, sitting on the floor and just appreciating the parts of the tasks already completed.

And then, right when your breath is settled and your smile has found its way back to your face, the doorbell rings. You wonder who it can be, at this time, no one said they were coming, as affirmed by a quick glance at your locked phone screen.

You unlock the door to find someone who's whole intention is currently set on doing you good.

It might be someone close to you, or a new friend you haven't yet met. They're standing at your door with refreshments, prepared with you and your moving efforts in mind.

That moment of sheer appreciation, reminds you of how loving and caring this world can be. Unpacking and scrubbing tubs might be hard, but you know there are people who love you and want this job to be slightly easier for you.

Keeping those moments of kindness in mind is what takes us forward. We want to make others feel as good as we did at that very second, when we realized what a relief it is to be helped, even in the simplest way.

Since we know that moving is a heavy task, on the body and soul, we wanted to pitch in.

Our way of lending a hand, is by making your task of choosing unique housewarming gifts much easier. Think about it, picking a gift from a set of wonderful ones, saves you a lot of time going through useless mondaine ones.

So today, we bring you our top chart, for housewarming judaica. We created a full category for beautiful housewarming items, and it's even broken down into 3 categories - Home Blessings, Mezuzot and Table Tops. that way, whether you're redecorating your new home, or want to make a recently moved friend feel especially loved, you're in the right place.

So here are our top picks -

Let's start with what every jewish home needs - Mezuzot.

Did you know how fun a mezuzah can be? If you're new to the decorative mezuzah arena, we almost envy you. There's a whole world of unique, fun, personalized and even hilarious mezuzahs out there for you to explore. Painted porcelain mezuzahs come in many shapes and forms. They're great for personalization, so for example, shopping for an accountant might lead you to choose this wonderfully detailed mezuzah.

Choosing a Ballet mezuzah is a sensible thing to do when decorating a dancer's room. One last example out of the many options, is the Fimo Clay Disney Pixar mezuzah, which will make any child glad to reach up and respect their mezuzah.

Taking ourselves away from this wonderful variety of decorative mezuzahs is quite a feat, but we'll manage, since we're now headed towards other magical realms like the gentle silver embossed do it yourself mezuzah. This fun item is built to contain the shards of the glass you broke at your chuppah or the glass from your engagement. This idea is a great way of keeping cherished memories close to your heart.

OK, let's talk Home Blessings!

What better way to wish your loved ones good fortune, than to have kind words mounted on their wall?

Home blessings are a wonderful way to liven up any wall or space. Guests will quickly pick up on the exclusively decorated vibe, well before they notice the holy scripts transcribed on the plaque, giving it all the more meaning and significance.

The floral wall hanging is colorful, upbeat and contains Hebrew script on it, to make anyone feel cozy and warm. The writing is a general one so this item is also a great gift for anniversaries and new business locations.

Looking for a home blessing that doesn't go up on the wall? How do you feel about wall blessing mounts? Yep, we've got a wonderful selection of wall blessing items you could place on a table or shelf, like this blessing tree. The fruits of the tree are inscribed with blessings, and the symbolism here just speaks for itself. We're through the room with emotions whenever we catch a glimpse of this unique item.

We've shown you all these great options and haven't even mentioned the tile! A colorful Shalom Y'all tile, that fits just about anywhere in your home and brings a smile to all faces.

Last but not least, we have the table top category, full of unique pieces anyone would appreciate getting.

The metal Chai sculpture has an unworldly vibe, with its colors and globe like arrangement. We can easily think of a few friends who would be delighted in displaying this gem on their living room shelf.

The wave challah board is a hard to find piece. The clean lines and smooth design turn it into a must have item on any Shabbat table.

Looking for a washing cup which can double as a vase but mostly be the talk of the meal? This O shaped natla is truly one of a kind, that's great for anyone who wants to keep the compliments coming. 

We hope you had fun reviewing these top choice items for housewarming and invite you to keep on browsing through our categories. This page is short and the category is full of beautiful items!

Whatever you choose, we're sure you'll make someone feel loved and cared for, which makes it all worthwhile. 

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