The Perfect Anniversary is Right Around the Corner

The Perfect Anniversary is Right Around the Corner

Congratulations! Mazel Tov!

How many years has it been since the wedding? One? Seven? Twenty two?

Let's enjoy a short trip down memory lane -

The excitement built up for months of preparations. The best clothes were chosen. Family and friends all gathered from around the globe to celebrate your union. You booked that photographer you love, to hover all over the place and capture happy people and special moments. There was plenty of good food that you chose but didn't get to eat and great music you picked out, which has by now become the soundtrack of these fond memories. The wedding ceremony becomes a blur at some point, as it just melts into a warm and familiar feeling of family life -

That special day was the beginning. Since then, so much has happened to turn you two into a strong unit. A family.

Remember how you felt towards your partner back then, around your wedding day? Throughout the years, the feeling changes from an infatuation like sentiment, to a true and stable connection.

Fun trips and private jokes only the two of you understand are just a small part of that special dynamic you share. You complete each other. Your day to day lives are linked. You mean the world to each other. And this is why you should continue to celebrate your anniversaries, even if it's been a while.

True love should be valued. Your partner should know how deeply you care about them, no matter how many years have passed.

And what about your best friend's anniversary? You took such a big part in it, it almost felt like your own event. You know the entire family, bought new clothes for the occasion and have as many photos as the bride. Every year, when the date approaches, you think of the preparations and wedding with a smile. That anniversary means to you just as much as your very own anniversary.

Your parent's anniversary should be an annual ritual by now - all your brothers and sisters gather together to celebrate the loving people who started the family, to celebrate the tribe leaders.

There are many happy occasions around us at all times - there's much joy in the world. We just need to keep an eye out for it.

How can we make our partner, friend, parents and ourselves happy on anniversaries? A special gift, along with words from the heart will make this anniversary perfect.

It may seem difficult to get a really good gift, the kind that your loved ones deserve.

You probably want to get the best gift out there, for your special people, especially if you're the family's official present getting delegate. They're all counting on you to get a really good gift and make everyone look good.

It's all nice and well, but we know you don't really have the time to start walking around the mall to pinpoint that perfect gift. Needle? Where are you? This world is a really big haystack!

Time is probably your most valued resource, with your beautiful children constantly calling out your name, a thousand emails waiting just for you, and trying to keep your home tidy. Even if all this has made you fall out of the habit of celebrating anniversaries, now is the time to bounce back. This is the year to surprise everyone with a gift that will make them feel seen.

How are you going to do that? How will you find such a great gift?

It's simple - We're here to make your anniversary shopping much easier -

We've created a special category for anniversaries, so that you could finish your shopping in 5 minutes, and still have time to get a few gifts for your friends, sister and parent's anniversary all in one order.

So what is the perfect gift for this anniversary?

Here's our lineup -

Take a sip of a fancy drink of your choice from these Heart Toasting Flutes. These beautiful and elegant glasses have a unique design that will make anyone want to pick them up, lift their pinky and call out L'Chaim. The heart shaped base of the glass makes them perfect for celebrating love, friendship and family. Match these with a nice bottle of something sparkly and you've got a great gift for the next anniversary.

It has become very common for couples to keep glass shards from their wedding, to incorporate in their home. It's fun to see that people now prefer to break a colorful glass under the chuppah, rather than a plain see through one, so that it could later make a nice memento.

This laser cut decorative item has a glass tube for colorful shards, either from the wedding ceremony, the engagement party, or just from that bowl you broke last week. That's also OK. You loved that bowl and it deserves to be remembered :) This steel sculpture spells out Love in English, and it's also available in Hebrew and in various other designs. Have a look in the Anniversaries category to see all the wonderful options.

Looking for a meaningful gift, to catch the eye and spark up conversation? The Shema Yisrael 3D Framed Decoupage by Ketti Camus is a wonderful option. This framed art is made in Israel. It features a Hamsa surrounded with love birds, good luck fish, old time town homes that remind us of biblical Israel and the eye of fortune, all in strong vivid colors to make the Shema pesukim pop out.

Looking for a cute decorative item for a loving couple? This Love Flowers Watering Can will not water the garden, since it's a color print, but it will fill the heart with love and light. This lovely piece features bright colored flowers and the word Love, Ahava, in many languages.

We love Hanukkah and we hope you do too. But this article is not about the holidays, it's about anniversaries. So how can we combine two beloved elements like Hanukkah and anniversaries? With a perfect gift for a loving couple, to use for many years to come - a Menorah! This Wedding Couple Hora Dance Menorah is a wonderful gift idea for anyone, especially for a couple who got married around Hanukkah, or not, but have invited you to a candle lighting. We love this Menorah since there's no dance that screams out "Mazel Tov" louder than the Hora, featured in this Menorah. And the name - what could be better than a Hora Menorah? The loving couple portrayed on the Menorah is dressed in their finest and are dancing in nature, in front of a beautiful tree to celebrate their love. We're sure this Hora Menorah will be with the family throughout many happy holidays. Everything about this detailed piece says love, friendship and joy.

Last but not least on our list today, is the gift that will keep on giving - a Bridal Tzedakah Box made of glass, steel and copper. Tzedakah is one of the most important mitzvot we have. When we give to charity, we help others and feel grateful for all that we have. Keeping a tzedakah box at hand is a guaranteed way to give to charity more, thus maintaining a good sense of proportion about our own daily troubles.

This tzedakah box is very special, since it's made by Gary Rosenthal, and it displays the quote “May your compassion for others be as strong as your commitment to each other”, making it a meaningful gift option for any couple and any home.

We hope you enjoyed reading this piece and found the perfect gift(s?) for all upcoming celebrations of love.

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