Bring the light of Shabbat into your home with a new set of candle holders!

Bring the light of Shabbat into your home with a new set of candle holders!

Why do we light the Shabbat candles? What's behind this age-old tradition?

Well, we all know the important pasuk, “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” This is the 4th commandment, so important that it's one of the top ten!

Shabbat is our seventh day of the week, a day dedicated to resting and spending time with our loved ones. And the candles? What do they have to do with this special day?

The light of the candles is a part of what makes the Shabbat blessed. We light two candles; one symbolizes 'Shamor' - keep, observe the Shabbat, and the other stands for 'Zakhor' - remember the shabbat. These two mitzvahs were given to us so that we realize how important the shabbat is, and make sure we observe this mitzvah for generations to come.

So we light two candles, and bring that special light into our house. The soft candlelight dances around the wall and ceiling in our house, bringing peace and joy to the Jewish home.

While lighting the candles, we stand next to them, cover our eyes, and pray in a soft voice. That moment, when we light the candles, is the turnover moment. That exact second, when everyone around us quiets down, looks at us and waits to hear our loud and loving "Shabbat shalom", that's the moment when the 6 days of weekend. 6 days of labor, study and overall craziness, have come to an end, and given way to the relaxing and laid-back atmosphere of our dear Shabbat. The special day can begin, we're ready to remember and keep, now that the candles are lit.

The lighting of the candles is a special mitzvah, handed down from one generation to the next. While covering our eyes and standing next to the candles, we say the common blessing, but it's also the time to add a personal prayer. Many choose to thank Hashem or pray for their families' well-being during this time. It's said that the skies are open when we light the candles. Hashem is listening, as we softly speak to him, with our eyes covered and the light of the candles dances all around.

Many homes choose to match the number of candles they light, to the number of family members. 5 family members equal 5 Shabbat candles. The source for this custom may be the common belief that the light of a candle signifies the soul. This also means we should own the same number of candle holders as our number of family members. A set of candle holders makes a great gift idea for a newlywed couple or a new baby, matching the number of family members.

Which candle holders are your favorites?

Here at Shalom House, we know each home has its own preferences, be it candle holders made of sterling silver, glass, metal, wood, or ceramic. The Candle Holders category has 5 sub categories, for each of these types. This way, you can easily browse through the different categories to find the candle holders for you.

To help you choose your next set of candle holders, or a great gift for an anniversary, wedding, housewarming, a new baby, or bat mitzvah, we compiled this list of top candle holder options -

Looking for a classic? Sterling silver candle holders are always a win. These tall candlesticks are made in Israel, by artist Avi Nadav. They're large, uniquely designed, and are very impressive. Match these with tall candles to complete the look of total elegance.

Still around sterling silver, have a look at these stunning yemenite candle holders. Yemenite Judaica is known for its detailed design. This traditional work of art is hand crafted in Israel and could make a beautiful gift for anyone looking for new candle holders.

Moving on to glass candle holders, we have a few popular options to highlight:

The Breast Cancer Awareness Candle Holders are made of glass, steel, and copper. This pink fused glass item is unique and delicate. It's perfect for welcoming Shabbat with a smile and 10% of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research.

The same lovely candle holder is also available in blue.

Another popular option made of glass, is the Wedding candle holders. The combination of blue and glass gives these candle holders a clean and calming look, which can easily be paired with your Shabbat table settings, to create the perfect look. These candleholders can also be made with the shards from your wedding glass, if you'd like.

And now, what about metal candle holders?

Metal is such a fun material, it just sparks creativity and a talented artist can bend it whichever way they like. Just have a look at some of these inspiring candle holders made of metal:

The Aura candle holders look like they're from the future. This highly popular item is made of polished stainless steel. When you place its 2 parts next to each other, they create a full circle, symbolizing the love of a family - when coming together, we are whole. This set is a wonderful gift idea for anyone. Grab a pair for yourself while you're at it.

The Late Blooming candlesticks are an example of quiet elegance. These candlesticks feature metal ace art, which gives them a unique look you won't find in any home. These candlesticks will go well in any setting, but you'll probably want to hang a new shelf, just for these, so that they can get the attention they deserve.

Looking at ceramic Shabbat candles, we highly recommend you check out the Modern Shabbat Set. These candleholders have a clean and modern look. Their geometric design makes them a favorite among young couples and a great gift idea for a bat mitzvah.

Our last recommendation for this list is the Jerusalem Shabbat Candle Holders, made of wood. Have a look at the lovely painting depicting old-time Jerusalem. What a perfect image to carry with you as you welcome Shabbat.

This concludes the list of top candle holder options.

We hope you found a few new favorites to help you welcome Shabbat in style.

Thanks for reading and Shabbat shalom!

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