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It's time to plan a wedding, and this listing has EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

It's time to plan a wedding, and this listing has EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

What is it about weddings that gets us so excited?

We love going to weddings, and the thought of planning one, really gets the blood pumping.

For those who are on the planning side of the event, there's just so much to get done, and it's ever so exhilarating! Our experience as guests in weddings has taught us many important lessons that we would like to apply when planning a wedding ceremony and party;

We remember that great venue, that sensitive yet quick rabbi. We took note of a centerpiece that impressed us and might have even logged the name of a kind photographer in our minds, for future reference. It's not just future brides and grooms who keep these bits of information in their heads, knowing that their wedding is coming up. It's often the parents, siblings and good friends who help the couple plan and organize their event.

Why do we need such an army of planners and idea hoarders?

The fact is that planning a wedding involves many small details.

It's true that some, the wiser of the lot, choose to keep it simple and hold a small wedding, with a limited selection of foods and home made decorations. But the rest of us take it big, make it grand and enjoy the exaggerations.

There's a lot to do, to make a wedding perfect, just the way you like it.

It starts with a choice of venue, which is also affected by your requested date. Once you have the where and when, you know the big questions are answered, and you can start thinking of all the other details:

Who will be officiating the ceremony? Do you have your heart set on a rabbi that's just the match for your style, or should you snoop around?

Who will run the ceremony, next to the rabbi? It's common to ask a sibling or a close friend to act as the chuppah host or hostess - the person giving the ceremony its structure and calling all people who take part in it, to come up. It's a way of making your ceremony more interesting, to honor someone close to you, but keep in mind that setting your expectations with your Chuppah host is very important - instructions like keeping it short, or emphasizing certain parts of the ceremony can be critical in making sure your ceremony runs smoothly and according to how you envisioned it. Many choose to have the rabbi take that position as well, considering their experience in leading Chuppahs. 

Now that you know who will be in charge of the ceremony, think of the essentials you need to buy for it -

You might want your very own Chuppah, to keep afterwards, like this Jerusalem Painted Silk Chuppah. This type of chuppah, specifically chosen by the wedding organizers, can make a big difference as it feels far more personal than using the standard fabric provided by the rabbi.

Next up in Chuppah essentials, is the Ketubah.

Choosing a ketubah can take time, as they come in so many styles. We recommend taking 20 minutes to browse through the Wedding Ketubot category, enjoying the wide variety of colors and options. While browsing, don't miss this modern Belonging ketubah or the traditional Heart of Jerusalem ketubah, which are favorites among our patrons.

Can't have a Chuppah without a kiddush, right? The blessing on the wine is essential for the ceremony, and the goblet is held for many important moments, catching the eye and getting snapped on camera.

Make sure your rabbi brings a goblet, or that the venue provides one, and if neither plan to provide it, consider bringing your own goblet.

Many couples choose to get a nice goblet they can later take home and use for Shabbat and holidays, always knowing this is the same goblet that united them in marriage. Think of how fun it is for the kids, in later years, to look at wedding photos and call out the goblet saying - "This is the same one we still use for shabbat!".

If you would like to get a goblet for your chuppah, have a look at this awesome category for wedding goblets, with many beautiful options like the Brides Wedding Kiddush Cup; Truly a work of art, depicting tender love.

What's the most memorable part of the Chuppah?

The breaking of the glass, of course.

Glass resting near foot, the crowd holds their breath. Everyone's quiet, looking at the beads of sweat forming on the groom's brow. Will he make it? Will the foot hit the glass, finalizing the ceremony?

We're exaggerating of course, but it is a peak moment in the entire wedding ceremony, followed by a blast of happiness, marking the end of the Chuppah, and the storming of guests for hugs and kisses, right before the party starts.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing a glass -

The first is something not many considered in the past, but it's quickly becoming quite a consideration - which color glass should be broken?

What does it matter, you're probably thinking. The glass is safely wrapped out of sight and no one cares about its looks. As a matter of fact, many wedding memorabilias include a see through container for the glass shards broken during the Chuppah to be displayed in.

Take this beautiful fused Mezuzah for example - if you choose a colorful glass, the mezuzah welcoming guests to your future home could also be as lovely looking as this, and ever so significant.

So even though your wedding guests won't see that the Chuppah's glass is a nice shade of purple while you're standing under the Chuppah, that color will be a great addition later on, when the shards turn into a decorative element for your home.

Another thought to keep in mind when choosing the glass to break at the Chuppah, is its thickness. The thinner the glass, the easier it is to break. Many grooms are so focused on completing this rite of passage, that they'll hammer their foot to the floor no matter if the force is needed or not. But still, keep the glass thin, to keep the party going.

To help wrap your head around other ideas involving the glass for the Chuppah, we created this category. Take a few minutes to browse through it, and we're sure you'll find more ideas to make your Chuppah even better.

Wedding bands and love jewelry is an entire world on its own. Do you know what style of ring you'd like? Are you both giving rings to one another? Take in mind that there are a few halacha guidelines when it comes to choosing your ring. For example, the groom needs to use his own money to get it. Also, its inner side should be smooth, and traditionally it should hold no stones. Have a look at the Love Jewelry category to see some lovely ideas around wedding bands, necklaces and other heartfelt pieces of jewelry to get for your loved one around the wedding.

Last but not least, don't forget to be grateful towards those who made it all possible - your parents.

Whether they're the ones who are actually paying for all of the fun, or have only done the simple act of bringing you into this world and caring for you all these years, spend a few minutes in gratitude towards all they've done for you. Your wedding is their celebration as well - there's nothing that makes a parent happier than seeing their child at their peak. We collected this category full of Gifts for Parents, so you could just point and choose the gift you think your parents and new in-laws might enjoy. A small token of your appreciation, especially when they know how busy you are, will really go a long way.

To wrap up this post, we'd like to invite you to browse through this Wedding category, which holds several subcategories containing everything you need for your big event, all in one place.

We know planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but look at how much easier things can get when you have so many of the essentials in one place. And of course, the love and support of your family and friends.

We wish you a joyous wedding and a happy home! Mazal Tov!

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