Heart of Jerusalem (#305)

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Jerusalem is the city of eternal hope. The name alone evokes thoughts of holiness for many religions. The Jerusalem Ketubah has at its center Israel's Western Wall, the one place where every Jewish soul has an eternal link to the holy land. If you look closely, you will see that the Tower of David, the Western Wall, the city and its mountains in the distance are enveloped in a white protective heart. "Western Wall Jerusalem", an acrylic painting in a watercolor style, served as inspiration for the creation of the Heart of Jerusalem Ketubah #303. When this original work was created, I was experimenting with a palate knife and the original intent was to create a study of shapes. As I progressed with the center shapes and no particular direction using thinned out acrylics, Jerusalem's Western Wall emerged. Continuing with the palate knife, the surrounding shapes took form with little effort and Jerusalem's Western Wall became the focus. This original work is available as a limited edition numbered giclee with the artist signature in pencil. Click here. When the ketubah was created I felt it necessary to add a heart around the city that we all hold so dear in our own hearts. We received a very insistent call from a couple getting married with a conservative ceremony who pleaded that they must have the Heart of Jerusalem ketubah for their wedding. We couldn't refuse them, so we decided to work on it and bring you an additional version that can hold all versions of our texts. Needless to say, they were thrilled and we're happy with it as well.

Paper size: 24"Wx 20"H

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