Ketubah Personalization

A ketubah, or Jewish wedding contract, is generally offered with several pre-written text options. These ketubah texts contain "blanks" that must be filled in with your personal information.  The ketubah blanks can either be filled in by your wedding officiant -- often a rabbi -- or you can take advantage of Shalom House Fine Judaica's "ketubah personalization" (or "fill-in") service, which means that your names, date and location of the wedding are filled in for you.  Talk to your wedding officiant about his or her preference about your ketubah personalization.

Most artists fill in the ketubah with typeset digital technology, while some use hand-calligraphy.

Ketubah personalization requires the following information:

  • The couple's names in English and Hebrew
  • The couple's parents names in Hebrew (and sometimes English, depending on the artist)
  • Date and location of the wedding in English and Hebrew
  • Orthodox and Conservative texts require some additional information

After you purchase your ketubah, you need to write all of the above information on a "ketubah personalization worksheet," which you download from the page on our site that displays the ketubah you are interested in. If you do not have access to some or all of the worksheet information in Hebrew, we are happy to "transliterate" English information into Hebrew letters. For example, if the groom's father's name is "Reuven," then you can simply write "Reuven" in English in the appropriate location, and check the box or write "transliterate" to indicate this request. (Checking the box or writing "transliterate" depends on which artist's worksheet you are using.) Please check with your rabbi or wedding officiant before requesting transliteration. Our roster of ketubah artists do excellent transliteration, though some wedding officiants prefer to provide the Hebrew themselves. You will need to look your worksheet over carefully -- and if you are being married by Jewish clergy, you must obtain their approval of the information before you submit the ketubah worksheet to us, in order to avoid any errors in the ketubah calligraphy / personalization. Once you have completed your ketubah purchase, and have filled out the ketubah worksheet, you need to scan and email (or fax) the worksheet to us and call us to confirm that we received it. Once Shalom House Fine Judaica has received your worksheet, please allow the allotted time for delivery of your personalized ketubah. Each ketubah is noted in terms of delivery time and whether rush ketubah personalization and shipment are available.