Assorted Wedding Glasses

By: Shardz
SKU: assorted-wedding-glasses-by-shardz

This glass for breaking, or ''wedding vessel,'' has been hand-made by Shardz. Its only purpose in life is to break at a Jewish wedding. It has a round bottom with no stem, which provides added protection for the person who steps on it. The vessels come in different colors, so they may be incorporated into pieces of art after the wedding. See our Shardz wedding section to explore the possibilities. A satin pouch and canvas cloth are included with purchase. Choose from the following colors: Cobalt Blue, Emerald (Green), Ruby (Pink), Amber (Yellow), Peach (Orange), Turkish Blue, Purple, Metallic, Clear, Rainbow (Multi Color)

Dimensions:Height: 3.5'' - 4'' (approximate)

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