Anniversaries Keep the Love Alive

Anniversaries Keep the Love Alive

Remember your special day with your loved one?

Your wedding day, whether it was 20 or 2 years ago, remains a significant milestone in your life and relationship.

Our wedding day is special to us, no doubt. But why is that?

The answers are many, but the first that comes to mind, is that our wedding day was the day that we started a new phase in our life. The day we were united with the person we chose to spend the rest of our life with.

It just so happens that we looked especially good that day, in our best clothes, hair, makeup and after weeks of dieting.

Perhaps another memorable aspect of our wedding day is the fact that we got many of our loved ones together, all in one place. Getting everyone together doesn't happen very often, and for some families, it rarely happens and we don't always mix and match both sides of the family, and our friends, all together.

But on our wedding day, we were brave enough to invite everyone to the same place, and at the same time, to celebrate the special event with people we cherish, providing our wedding further emotional significance.

So what, the wedding is over and now we have to forget all about it? Are we expected to just let that day rest in the past without ever thinking back on it, smiling and wishing we tasted that bit of desert everyone said was so great?

We certainly are not! And that's what anniversaries are for.

Anniversaries are our time to relive the fond memories from that special day, looking back at the good time we had with our loved ones while celebrating our marriage.

Anniversaries should be cherished, and it's great to see couples who choose to note their anniversaries by doing something special like a date night, spending the weekend away or enjoying a family celebration together.

Each couple finds their way of enjoying their anniversary, as it's a great opportunity to stop our daily race, look back together and thank the good hashem for everything we have, our time together and family we created together.

And of course, an important part of any celebration, are the gifts.

Anniversary gifts are a way to show your loved ones you care. Whether you're getting a gift for your significant other, your parents, your friends or your children, they'll really appreciate the fact that you remembered their special day. It's heartwarming to know others hold dear, what you yourself care about, so be that person who makes others smile by noting anniversaries with a token of your love.

If you are celebrating your own anniversary soon, are invited to an anniversary party, or know of a loved couple that's celebrating their anniversary, it's a great idea to start thinking of what this couple would like to get as a gift.

Your gift can hold much significance, referring to your special relationship and relating to the sacred bond of marriage as it is described in our scriptures.

Think of the couple you are shopping for and try to imagine what would signify their relationship. Do you, or they, like home decorations? Framed art, mini sculptures and other decorative items make wonderful anniversary ideas. Would they prefer a decorative piece of judaica, like a handcrafted mezuzah? A mezuzah is a great and useful gift. Are they the kind of people who would prefer a tzedakah box, to add more holiness into their home, as a way of celebrating their marriage?

The options for an anniversary gift are many, and we know it is very hard to choose. But as you know, that is what we are here for, and we are happy to help.

Today, we would like to share a few of our favorite anniversary gifts ideas with you, all taken from the wonderful Anniversaries Judaica Gifts category:

The Lasercut “Love” steel sculpture is a beautiful gift to get anyone who enjoys having nice things in their home. It comes in Hebrew as well, spelling Ahava which is the very romantic hebrew word for love. This steel sculpture contains a glass tube, directly attached to the letters. The tube is the best place to put the glass shards from your wedding or engagement party. We just love the idea of presenting those monumental shards from the glass or plate you broke during your ceremony to make your marriage or engagement official in front of an audience of cherished family and friends. This tube makes the laser cut steel sculpture a great gift idea for couples who just got married, as well, if you don't want to wait until their anniversary comes along, we're sure they won't mind getting an early gift.

The painted porcelain Wedding Mezuzah is a unique piece of handcrafted art. It portrays a loving couple, happy on their wedding day, surrounded by fruits and colorful elements, with a strong natural theme. This mezuzah is a great choice for many events, including anniversaries, as it's a gift anyone would love to get. You just can't stop smiling when you see it, so imagine having it mounted next to your door, at home and looking up to it to remember the special relationship you have with your spouse, and the unique bond you have with hashem, signified by the mezuzah, guarding our home. It's also a great conversation starter so get ready to explain to anyone who sees it where you got it and on what occasion. This mezuzah is proof of how far our artists have come in making judaica products ever decorative and useful.

The Wedding Couple Hora Dance Menorah is a practical yet fun choice. Know a couple who are celebrating their anniversary around Hanukkah? Then this is the perfect gift for them, as it notes both the general festival of lights we all celebrate and their personal holiday of marriage. This beautifully handmade ceramic menorah features an excited couple, dancing around a tree and holding hands, looking up with loving eyes. Lighting hanukkah candles in this menorah, you'll see how the unique design comes to life, adding the natural light of the candles to the heartfelt sentiment of the menorah, hard to describe in words. This beautiful piece is great not only for couples who celebrate their anniversary around hanukkah, as anyone would enjoy this colorful and lovely menorah.

The Ani L'Dodi Framed Art is a great gift idea for any type of occasion you're invited to, and even for your own home or place of business. The significant pasuk displayed in this laser cut frame, reminds us of one of the more romantic phrases in our written scriptures. We say this phrase around shabbat and the holidays, referring to our love of hashem, but also thinking of our loved ones. I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. Are there any phrases more symbolyc to marriage in our jewish tradition than this one? It's not only a statement, but also an everlasting wish. We wish ourselves and our loved ones that the sacred bond between two people who love each other will stay strong, and that they will remain each others' beloveds for as long as they live. This framed art is made of lively colors and bright flowers, which bring out the sacred words, making them pop up in their simplicity and significance.

We hope that these gift ideas will help make the next anniversary you celebrate for yourself or loved ones a happier one.

Mazal tov and may you enjoy many more years of love and happiness.

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