How are you doing?

How are you doing?

We live in strange times, don’t we?

We hear from our elders that the world used to be a simpler place.

Looking back into childhood memories, we can clearly pick up on all the things that change, and it’s easy to see how our parents, looking back, had an entirely different view of the world.

Just 20 years ago, connecting to the internet from your home was slow and winding, not to mention loud. Could we have hoped to shop online, while in the comfort of our home, in those days? Without having to leave the house, saving items for further consideration. 20 years ago we could only hope that the store still had the item, and that we’d make it back in time again before they closed for the day.

Flipping the calendar further back, 40 years ago, worries and concerns were different than they are today.

While we managed to make our lives more complicated with all this fast communication, global village online business, staying healthy and safe was considered more at hand these days, than it was before.

We’ve invented a cure for almost everything, we have bottled sprays that can disinfect every surface. And then, early in 2020, came along a new type of virus, changing our relatively carefree health care routine.

While this “new normal” has already crawled under our skin, it wasn’t long before face masks were a strange thing for people to wear.

We would taste fresh fresh in the market, and hug our friends in the streets, things that seem unreasonably dangerous today.

Along with that we could soon throw caution to the wind, we know that now, and for the foreseeable future, caution is still very much here with us.

It’s great that we’re able to maintain our daily activities, even if slightly modified.

Meeting in shul on Shabbat isn’t such a given now, and might feel greatly appreciated for some.

Shopping in open markets, working out, all requires different preparations and alignment than before. 

Along with keeping our distance and washing our hands, we know that it’s important to also take care of ourselves on other levels.

We now know that keeping happy and calm, strongly affects our health.

Mental health is attached to our physical health, so keeping safe doesn’t end at the basin. Look up from those soapy hands, into the eyes looking back at you from the mirror, and give yourself a warm smile. You deserve a pat on the back and a hug for who you are and all you do.

Being a part of this strong community of people who want to make the world a better place, keeping healthy and connected with our jewish roots, we created a fun new category.

The Personal Care category is full of items to make you smile while looking out for yourselves and your loved ones.

Face masks are now a constant in our lives. It’s a new part of our wardrobe, a new item to be worn whenever we’re outdoors.

Treating it as such could be a great treat! More real estate for fun statements and announcements. While you might have to assume others are smiling from seeing their eyes, we have a few face masks to bring on those hidden smiles.

Get yourself, or your granny, this fun mask which reads “My favorite people call me Bubbe”, or its Zayde version right here. This face mask can warm the heart of any bubbe and zayde, while keeping their face cool underneath.

Make an optimistic message with the “This too shall pass”, written in both Hebrew and English.

It’s wonderful to walk around and see what joy these face masks can bring into our lives. People are bursting with creativity, sharing their message to the world, almost at eye level. What’s your message to the world? What should your mask say? Make your own personalized mask. Make masks for the entire family, or as a party favor for an upcoming family celebration. We invite you to show us how creative you can be with your face mask, in both English and Hebrew!

Treat yourself to a new money clip, surprise someone you love with a small token of your appreciation including a fun jewish message like L’Chaim! The Personal Care category holds a few awesome money clip options which can make great gift ideas.

Our recent category also holds a variety of anointing oils. The ancient practice of anointing the skin with oils, was kept through the ages. It evolved into a huge industry of perfumes, lotions and other dermal treating products. While it’s great to enjoy the latest scent from Paris, we invite you to connect with tradition through the sense of smell. Treat your skin to a Lily of the Valley anointing oil. This gentle and caressing odor will take you back to simpler times. While we can’t really travel far, we can connect to a time in the past, where the jewish people walked between the stone walls of our holy city of Jerusalem. Put it on and imagine the sound of the market nearby, the sound of sone and prayer coming from the wailing wall or even from Beit Hamikdash.

And last but not least, the Leave In conditioner for Kosher Kurls. Treat your beautiful hair to this conditioner, and be amazed by the results.

We all wish each other to “Stay Safe” these days. It’s very important to maintain our distance and stay clean, but we know it’s equally important to keep smiling, be happy and content. While that can be somewhat challenging during these times, we want to ask you to reach deep down, and find your jewish humor. Think of what your old bubbe would say, how would she turn this whole situation into a joke. We’re a strong people, humor is one of the characteristics keeping us so tightly wound. So go and spread some joy. Make someone happier with your own smile and love. And of course, stay safe.

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